In the Height


High up – both in terms of actual geography – and on a personal, artistic and spiritual level. Almost two weeks of fresh air north of the Arctic Circle along with a good friend & colleague to work, teach and explore. Call it a crossroads, a cleansing ceremony, an inner journey of discovery,

Fortunately, now it also feels too good to be home again in my own everyday circles – time with my loved ones, my students, my martial arts colleagues, etc. – and not least time in my studio where I need to complete some works and in general preparing for the next art project being in Vilnius in December.

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Berliner Trip

Going home after yet another great week in Berlin with Testrup students and teachers and a programme full of museums, galleriers, concerts and excurtions.

This time the absolute scoop, I think, was yesterdays visit at Olofur Eliasons studio, a major art-space-lab in a former brewery in Prenzlauerberg, where he and his 100 persons (at least) staff develop and try out his ideas – from the first vague sketches over models – for figuring out the “construction”, testing materials etc etc – to full size architectural art works. Sadly we weren’t allowed to take any photos due to the nature and degree of confidence for models and work in progress but believe me, it was fascinating to have a glimpse of this elaborate and complex organism of creation in grand scale.   

Images: Neue National Gallerie, floohmarked at Boxhagener, bikeriding to Treptower + Templehoff, Türkishe Marked, KW, Auguststrasse, Tipis at Spree

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A brand new batch of artmoney for the upcoming exhibition in Bredgade, Cph. Petals and plants from my garden incoorperated on my ‘usual’ recycled cardboard and gesso ground – and sealed with enchaustic I bought when visiting Tara in Philadelphia last autumn. I’m quite happy about the result – and realize I need to find a near by enchaustic outlet for further supplies.

Anyway, the opening will be the 24. October at 2 o’clock with opening speech by Uffe Elbek founder of Alternativet. I wish I could be there it use to be a great day- but my schedule says Bodø, Norway this time – and I wouldn’t miss that either.

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SPOR KUNSTEN – an invitation

DSC02333 DSC02311Next weekend SPOR KUNSTEN, association of artists in Midjylland, invites all art lovers into the artists’ own environment, our studios and ateliers – where art is created 

SPOR KUNSTEN simply offers you a wide directory of professional artists who open their doors for visitors – first weekend in October every year.

Friday, October 3 at. 16-18 SPOR KUNSTEN starts off with a reception at Godsbanen. Here the artists are represented – and present – and you can gather inspiration for your art route. You can also find me/G13 here.

Look forward to see you in my atelier Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th Oct. from 11 to 17.

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Saturday Flea Market

Cleanups and Space Clearing has always had a liberating and uplifting effect on my mood and general well being. I love when energy circulates and things that previously stood unused come in handy again – in a new context.

So most definitely my Saturday flea market here from the garage door and the pavement has been a great solution. Pure win-win. I get my stuff organized and sorted out and even earns little doing so. Well, not much – but enough so I bother hang on a little yet. Plan to keep my blue (found this bucket of old paint in the cellar last week…) doors open as long as I can keep warm – and think it’s funny.

Also it’s  a way to introduce myself – I think the whole neighborhood, more or less, has passed by for coffee, apple pie and flea market finds during the last couple of months.

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Double course in Norway

10637724_10152367310718131_129891268_nHave just scheduled a mixed-media course in Norway with my friend, painter Anne-Mette Nyland, where we teach together: artists books, collages, signs and symbols two consecutive weekends this fall. You can attend both weekends and go deeper with the subject  - or you can choose to attend just one weekend.

The courses will take place in a colleague’s studio – absolutely stunning located at Fleinvær near Bodø. I’m SO excited!

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New Ships of the Lake

Plakat_festuge_A3Summer is definitely on the retreat, temperature drops drastically and far too fast!

Another unmistakable sign that we change the seasons: the dates for my fall courses’re now fixed, and I look forward to see (some/ many) of you at my workshops. Further info at (look at ‘Kurser’) and/or Facebook

NB. Pdf List of courses for download/print: KurserEfterrår2014

Another chance to visit my studio and “sniff” will be via SPOR KUNSTEN in October. More about this later.

Finally, please, make a note in your calendar at 29th August: You’re hereby invited to the opening of an art exhibition in the Højbjerg where I have asked a group of artists to show up under the heading [SÆIJMBÅT’DI:FRENT]  with interpretations of Aarhus’ festuges theme ‘Same but different’.


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