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Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books and communication


Spring and time for change and renewal. The old pass away, the new arises. And so convenient my new studio, G13, officially opened yesterday Palm Sunday, April 13th. A huge THANK YOU to my family, friends, housemates, colleagues, etc. – for making it possible … Continue reading

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In the Cards

Creativity takes many forms and expressions.  Just got this totally amazing TAROT reading by Lucius, who is at home from London these days to take part in our Easter project ART & MAGIC. So over-the-top, I simply have to brag a bit about my cool son, who’ll also do ‘readings’ (ie reading Tarot cards) Palm Sunday, at the inauguration of … Continue reading

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A piece of Paradise

Everybody needs it. The quiet moment. A Space where you can be yourself. A place to breathe. A place to refuel and live in your own rhythm. A refuge. A sanctuary. Just now this is how my private Paradise looks … Continue reading

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Art Teachers Colony

Back home after a great artists’ books weekend course at North Zealand for a group of professional and highly enthusiastic art teachers. After an introduction to various techniques for creating books, we looked at alternative sources in the immediate surroundings for materials, and … Continue reading

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Creativity & Consciousness

CREATIVITY & CONSCIOUSNESS is the header of everything I do at the moment, and therefore also the underlying subject at yesterday’s sparring session with Anne -Mette, my colleague, friend and busines partner. We’ve so many issues in common: both independently … Continue reading

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Spring time

We just passed equinox. Spring is upon us! LOVE it!

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Art? or Money? or Music?

A new batch of art money for The 3. internationale exhibition ARTMONEYWORLDWIDE  at Art Gallery Dencker+Schneider, Berlin-Scöneberg (opening 4. July) is up and and running. The idea is to add sound to my work – and put the question on … Continue reading

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Art & Magic

Preparing Easter exhibition/ event with art works, numerological presentations, tarot readings and more that examines and explores the importance and the power of the number 13  - to celebrate my new studio G13 (= Grenåvej 13, Aarhus N) with an official opening event and … Continue reading

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Mixed Media Courses

Spring 2014 Mixed Media Courses open for registration now. More information here and here NOTE: My studio has moved to Aarhus from January 2014. See you at G13 now = Grenåvej 13, 8200 Aarhus N ;-)

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It’s all about LOVE

My piece for Mikael Pogarsky‘s Mail-art-projekt To Russia With Love on display in Moscow. Next time I dedicate myself to go for real – not only mailing my work. Happy Valentine Day <3 by the way!

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