3 x Nordic Book Art Exhibitions


In Thy today to attend the opening of no less than 3 Nordic Book Arts Exhibitions at Doverodde BOOK Arts Center. Close race. The opening is tonight at 7 pm.

This time our works are featured alongside with Norwegian Boeker created by B-Open Bokkunstgruppe from Bergen and LK243UnderSail by  Imi Maufe from Norway / UK. Both projects looks very interesting.

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First Workshop at G13

DSC00264My new studio G13 is also now inaugurated as a course venue – with Saturdays workshop in illustration and visual logbooks.

Seems just fine and promising – with adequate physical work space and a generous, open and inspiring atmosphere.

Looking forward to host many more courses and events here. See you. :-)


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Spring and time for change and renewal. The old pass away, the new arises. And so convenient my new studio, G13, officially opened yesterday Palm Sunday, April 13th.

A huge THANK YOU to my family, friends, housemates, colleagues, etc. – for making it possible – and for showing up this beautiful and magical day. It bodes well for a future where I see this place as a solid steppingstone towards my dreams and creative  projects.

NB. Studio door will be open all Easter holidays, (ie. 17, 18, ​​20 and 21 April) from 13:00 to 17:00. See you there. :-)

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In the Cards

20140410_150016Creativity takes many forms and expressions.  Just got this totally amazing TAROT reading by Lucius, who is at home from London these days to take part in our Easter project ART & MAGIC.

So over-the-top, I simply have to brag a bit about my cool son, who’ll also do ‘readings’ (ie reading Tarot cards) Palm Sunday, at the inauguration of my new residence & atelie.
This Tarot spread really gave me a lot of good reasons for believing in my own potential and creative power. Pretty terrific energy for starting up a new studio!
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A piece of Paradise

IMG_7085Everybody needs it. The quiet moment. A Space where you can be yourself. A place to breathe. A place to refuel and live in your own rhythm.

A refuge.

A sanctuary.

Just now this is how my private Paradise looks – early in the morning

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Art Teachers Colony

Back home after a great artists’ books weekend course at North Zealand for a group of professional and highly enthusiastic art teachers.

After an introduction to various techniques for creating books, we looked at alternative sources in the immediate surroundings for materials, and alternative ways to treat the found stuff. A lot of fun and focus – and sparkling creative energy, definitely at top level, with more participants working late (and I mean really late!) into the night both Friday and Saturday.

It has been such a pleasure to witness the high spirits – and I really poured on what I had. In between we also found time for shorter breaks and walks along the wonderful sea shore with its lovely resin fragrance, pine scrub, and fine beaches.

Good proces and many fine results. I like to think all got well filled up and has got stuff to go on with by now.

More pictures here.

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Creativity & Consciousness

CREATIVITY & CONSCIOUSNESS is the header of everything I do at the moment, and therefore also the underlying subject at yesterday’s sparring session with Anne -Mette, my colleague, friend and busines partner.

We’ve so many issues in common: both independently working artists with many years experience with own studios, with exhibitions at home and abroad, teaching, organizing courses, etc. etc. We’re peers at so many levels in life. Our kids are grown up and on their own way – and we enjoy the freedom that follows. We’ve also realized that we both are so easy to engage and excite that most often we end up providing the major part of energy for all kinds of projects on behalf of the community – and spending (a little too much?) time facilitating the agenda of others. It seems we’ve both reached a point now where we want this to change. It’s time to draw a line and spend some time and effort attending  our own art and interests.

So, I can assure you, we are top motivated to launch The Artists Way this summer, a self-development course exactly dealing with these aspects of life; How to work with your self and your creativity.

Right now we focus on spreading the information about this course (in fact ALL our art courses) in public. (Please see and share this and this).

I feel really privileged to have a partner in this. Of course I know myself, what I stand for, but it’s great to have an option to exchange – open heartedly – with somebody standing at a similar solid ground – with a general art experience and spiritual practice .

And knowing me, it will hardly be a big surprise that we also brew on some kind of art project – but let’s look at that some other time …

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