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Tarot Art edited2Preparing Easter exhibition/ event with art works, numerological presentations, tarot readings and more that examines and explores the importance and the power of the number 13  - to celebrate my new studio G13 (= Grenåvej 13, Aarhus N) with an official opening event and private view Palm Sunday 13th April.

Starring: Tarot reader and Alchemist of Occult Visual Arts, Lucius Nothing, numerologist and Tarot Master Ulrik Golodnoff and myself. The studio will also be open during the Easter holidays: 17th-21st April. Daily hours: 13-17

NB. Join in here. See you ;-)

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Mixed Media Courses

IMG_6858Spring 2014 Mixed Media Courses open for registration now.

More information here and here

NOTE: My studio has moved to Aarhus from January 2014. See you at G13 now = Grenåvej 13, 8200 Aarhus N ;-)

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It’s all about LOVE

Russia IIMy piece for Mikael Pogarsky‘s Mail-art-projekt To Russia With Love on display in Moscow.

Next time I dedicate myself to go for real – not only mailing my work.

Happy Valentine Day <3 by the way!

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Hey, so my new studio has been well inaugurated!

Last night Artrovert (Giulli and Lis) arrived for a quick little work camp: SOS – Save Our Soles. Actually the title, a (con)fusion between the the words ‘souls’ and ‘soles’, is due to a spelling mistake, we have chosen to use in this constructive way by creating a generous collection of footprints in paper – a total of more than 50 pieces.


All our soles will now be completed individually, encased in a suitcase and – hopefully – be on display in Switzerland later this year.

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French doors


I love to travel – but I also love to be at home – and right now it’s particularly exciting. I have unpacked most of my stuff and enjoy the process of organizing it all in new ways. It’s a way to become familiar with my new home. A way to take possession over the house and make it my place.

Yesterday I had a carpenter to put up French doors in my studio. A borderline between private and work zone. Yet fine, transparent and easy to transcend.

I’m so satisfied about the result!

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Going HOME


The last evening in the guest room of Norræna húsið Marianne and I’ve reserved for packing the suitcases – and watching and sharing photos from the last 10 days. Golden moments with our Icelandic colleagues follow like pearls on a string.


Not everything has been work and buisness – we’ve also had time to visit some museums and galleries. Especially I fancied Ragnar Kjartansson’s VISITORS video installation at Kling & Bang – but also Ingileif Thorlacius in ASI Art Museum.

Coffee in ARKIRs studio – and visit at Bryndis’ place (dear friend from Aarhus Fine Art Academy) – just to name another few highlights…


And of course the opening in the Nordic House yesterday + artist talks by me and Marianne today!


Think we’re full now – and will also enjoy going home ;-)

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Icelandic adventure

While at Iceland with my Nordic artists’ book project I reside in Alvar Aalto‘s Nordic House with Marianne Laimer from Sweden. We’re in the process of unpacking the boxes from Nuuk – and setting up the exhibition here – along with our Icelandic colleagues from ARKIR. Everything works out just fine, not least thanks to ARKIR artists and their highly professional and effective approach and high spirits.

Fortunately, we also find time to go out and look around. Have been around in Reykjavik, visited Svanborg Matthíasdóttir and her studio. And today we have been soaking for several hours outdoors in the turquoise and siliceous 35-40 degree water of The Blue Lagoon – truly an experience to be recommended! I feel perfectly warm and relaxed throughout my body – and enjoy my finest angel-soft skin ever.

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