All 8 artists’ books selected by The Faroese Society of Visual Arts – Spring Exhibition 2019 at National Gallery of Faroe Islands, Tórshavn

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Oxford Trip

Lovely days out with my kids. A pure spring and pleasure trip from London to Oxford by train, with an overnight stay included, and a close program of art and culture at the various museums, libraries, and the beautiful botanical garden. Everything in this university city is loaded with tradition, “britishness” and interwoven historic ambience.

We saw a lot – but also enjoyed more mundane pleasures such as high tea, a time out on top of the Ashmolean, sipping wine and elderflower gin at The Eagle & Child (the weekly meet-up place for Tolkien and The Inklings for more than 30 years) and a little jazz at The Mad Hatter.

Back home again now. The impressions slowly settle down. Especially I look foreward to start working in my own garden.

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Weekend at Samsø

Have just been a few days at Samsø – a happy mixture of retreat, research – and winter holiday.

I’m in the process of planning an art project “Sans & Samling” together with a couple of good colleagues. 22.-30. June Samsø will not only be an island but a KUNST-Ø = Art Island. It started last year as an annual art and culture week: A colorful, experiential and inspiring meeting place for artists, craftsmen and others who are interested.

The project Sans & Samling will unfold both as an kunstbod /art project and a workshop at Langøre, a small and local harbor very convenient located close to my mother’s place.

See the presentation of participating artists, artist-in-work events, exhibitions, concerts, performances and workshops in the program here. (OBS: Program-in-progress = mpre to come)

Looking foreward to see you at KUNST-Ø!

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Along the Seaside Ceramics

Set up for upcoming exhibition at Mikkelborg Art Center. Clearly inspired by the coast and the sea.

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Glaze Course

Spend the week attending a glaze chemistry course at Aarhus Art Academy.

It’s been a deep dive into the culture, history, geology and chemistry of clay and glazes – in theory and practice. With a lot of glaze experiments, burned to low and high temperatures. And something totally new to me: Burning with both reducing and oxidizing atmospheres. In one kiln – at the same time!

A very intense week full of new inspiration, insights and ideas – and with a wide collection of samples to take home for further processing. Not to mention the networking and good company with a team of skilled and wonderful colleagues. A highly recommended way to spend the winter holidays!

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Big Jars & Tiny Cups

My favorite issue in ceramics has always been to create large jars and vessels. The bigger the better! Ideally so large that they can stand by themselves – for example, stand securely on the floor – without you having to worry about stepping or stumble upon them. (Surely I must have been one of the potters building huge terracotta oil jars at the Palace of Knossos or somewhere – back in ancient times.)

I also do stuff like small cups and bowls – still I have this ongoing and special passion for the large scale where only the size of the kiln sets a natural limit. In time I (or at least my arms and shoulders) will probably learn to appreciate this kind of limitation.

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Back in Buisness

A very young and very concentrated version of me – as a student at Aarhus Art Academy

Around 2000 I totally stopped doing ceramics due to problems with my hands. For many years I didn’t even thought of touching clay. However, during the last couple of years teaching at Testrup højskole I have slowly got involved with the material again. And this time my hands seem to be okay. So okay actually that recently I decided to go all the way and set up my ceramic studio again. It’ s a great feeling to be “back in business”. 

What’s happened? My inner balance and body chemistry may have changed? Or I’m better at dosing my work and not overdoing things? I don’t know. The important thing is that my hands and skin has healed and now tolerate what, it couldn’t stand before. And that my ceramic studio is up and running again. It feels so natural and right, and I realize how much I’ve missed it!

Of course I’ll keep up my work with artists’ books, paper collages and mixed media. My ceramic studio just adds extra dimensions to my creative life. Wonder if it’s time to change the name of my studio from Atelier G13 to Paper & Clay – what do you think???

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