Sometimes it feels like my own art work almost disappears behind piles of paperwork and organizing. Now at least the application for Bornholm Kulturuge has been dispatched. Please, cross your fingers for positive response = economical support for our project, (= exhibition and workshop) at TRYK2.

In Marts we’ll know the answer!

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NEW YEAR = New Plans & Dreams


Ended 2016 with a solid bruised rib and a broken big toe after a downhill run in Risskov yesterday the very last day of the old year, so 1. January I spent – quite atypical me – seated in the couch – feet up – in order to heal my wrecked body.

However, physics is not everything! Mentally I am completely on top and totally excited about revealing some of my prospects and projects for 2017.

I’m planning and dreaming about everything from my ‘daily art practice’ (my atelier G13 & my art classes at Testrup), to travelling adventures like the retreat / painter travel to ashrams in the northern India in a couple of months, my second summer course abroad: ICONS & ARTISTS ‘BOOKS in Vilnius, a new Nordic collaborative art project ARTMONEY NORD that will be launched at Bornholm in October – and hopefully a lot of nice trips to Copenhagen, London, Samsoe, Hothouze and Berlin to visit family, friends and other wonderful people.

NB. What are your dreams and plans for 2017?

Photocredit: New Year by me, Rishikesh by Hellen Lassen 🙂
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Impression of (Filippa) apple (my grandfather’s apple tree) – and thistle from the my backyard . Direct print on heavy watercolor paper. Dye: 100 % ecological = only pigments and juice released by the apple and the flower. Guess you can call it Eco-print?

For sale at my artmoney website together with many other works.

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Out of the Blue

Met with my Artrovert colleagues recently to create “Out of the Blue” – a new artists’ book.

What’s the subject? It takes place deep down below the surface – literally and metaphorically.

H.C. Andersen once described the it: “Far out in the ocean, where the water is as blue as the prettiest cornflower, and as clear as crystal, it is very, very deep; so deep, indeed, that no cable could fathom it: many church steeples, piled one upon another, would not reach from the ground beneath to the surface of the water above. There dwell the Sea King and his subjects.”

In other words, the scene is set somewhere between imaginative adventures, and depth psychology where, according to C. C. Jung, large bodies of water (oceans, lakes, pools) symbolize the unconscious and our emotions. As with the ocean, we often see the surface, but cannot easily see into the depths.

However, it’ is in the stream of emotions we experience being connected with other people in what Jung called the collective unconscious.

These are the layers we circle around in our recent piece “Out of the Blue”, now ready for shipping to  Italy.

((Some of the) photos: Thanks to Lis & Giuli) 😉

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Sewing Wrap

Just finished the little piece of needlework I started last weekend at the slow-stitch class at Loop’s and – inspired by Claire – made it into a quilted sewing wrap for my essential stitching equippement. I use(d) to carry needles and scissors and little rolls of threads in my pocket or at the bottom of my bag. It usually ends up pretty messed up, but here we go: a new and much more organized and stylish approach!



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Slow Stitching in London

Home again after a most inspiring course in London with Claire Wellesley-Smith artist, educator and writer, who has specialized in textile art that use local, natural color, created from home-grown and local plants. So for the class Claire had brought a wonderful palette of her home dyed threads and cloths for us to use for our works.

At the course we used simple stitching, plain-sewing and patchwork techniques and studied the collection of old quilt samples, original Japanese Boro pieces, and hand-mended scraps Claire had brought along to illustrate her points of view and for general inspiration and reflexion.

I’m in a totally happy and uplifted mood. A lot of new ideas and material to work with! Not to mention the challenge to establish a daily stitching practice!

It has been such a generous weekend (I also had a little time to visit Lucius & Foxy  ;-)). What a privilege and a gift – to get so much new inspiration and energy to move on with my own textile art work and visions on slow hand stitching.

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From my collage course last weekend with an exquisite bunch of coursists – look what they created!
Next course in my studio is in ARTISTS’ BOOKS 19.-20. November. There is still room for you. Please, contact me here – or at Facebook  😉

But before that I’ll go to London to attend a stitching course. More on the topic later 😉

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