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dokk1-1200x300Good news for ARTMONEY NORD: We’ve got a “yes” from Bornholm, they’ll support the project!

We have also got an appointment with Dokk1, Aarhus’ amazing and beautiful new multimedia house, perfectly located on the waterfront. We even have our appointment in the Aarhus Festuge/ Festival Week (= last week in August). Just tell me, how lucky can you be?

As you probably all know, Aarhus is European Capital of Culture in 2017 so here’s a fierce competition for all the good venues and for resources in general. However, we’re now in the lucky position of having access to Demokrateket a flexible area right at the entrance at Dokk1, where we can combine both exhibition, workshop and debate. What a challenge!

This weekend I have just started to write text and find images for the festival program, a good – and free – media platform to communicate our project from. And as mentioned, I also have to seek funds for the organization of workshops, artists’ talks, etc. Wonder if I ever run out of things that need to be done? 😉

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Indian pictures at Café Gaya

20170407 Fernisering af Hannes indiske billeder på Gaya 006DSC05885DSC05898

My “Indian pictures” is now on display at Café Gaya in Aarhus for the next two months. I’m pleased how well my “Indian palette” works with the apricot-colored walls, so drop by and see for yourself.

The café has a nice, warm atmosphere, a good and ecological cuisine. You can enjoy everything from green tea and cakes, to hot soup, dinner buffet – and events like live music, lectures focusing on spiritual subjects and self development, and now also my paintings.

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My beautiful “new” studio

A few photos of my beautifully renovated studio. All fine, clean and tidy – the place is almost unrecognizable!

Right now the room resembles more of an art gallery than the working space of an artist.

My atelier is open today from 11 to 17 where I’ll show some of my latest works and tell stories from my recent India trip. (In a gentle ambience of spiritual, meditative Indian music, incense, served with fresh herbal tea, coffee, home baked rhubarb pie and ginger biscuits.

Welcome in my atelier! 😉

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Flyer ÅD_mail (1)DSC05809.jpgWhile I have been in the Himalayas to meditate and make pictures, my sweet father has been engaged in paintbrush, floor planer and oily rags here. My studio has become so fine and delicate you can hardly imagine! I’m in a process moving tables and stuff back into the room – without overloading and messing it up as the way it was before. I want to keep it a clear, light and inspiring space for meditation and creation!

You’re hereby invited to come and enjoy my “brand new” atelier and a presentation of my Indian Images this weekend where 60 local artists have OPEN DOORS to their studios and ateliers.

See more here 😉

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Himalayan Retreat

Home again after the most amazing and joyous journey – far into the soul and consciousness  – in the north of India. Geographical and mentally a voyage from the peace and quiet in the the foothills of Himalaya at the feet of Shiva, along the sacred, flowing river, Mother Ganga, to the quivering, colorful and vibrant life in Rishikesh, the city of spiritual pilgrims and yogis. Here we had the great experience of attending Satsangs with  Mooji and hear him talk about “awakening” of the soul/true Self.

It has been the most blissful journey into silence and awareness. It has surpassed everything I have experienced so far. Actually it’s hard to put into words. Think I don’t have to explain it so much.

Only I can tell you, some more practical terms like I have traveled in a small group of wonderful, passionate and like-minded people. We stayed in 2 different Ashrams and followed a tight disciplined program of meditation, silence, dream travels and trance. From that foundation we painted pictures and created magical art figures which we examined and discussed thoroughly.

The first ten days we lived in Phool Chatti, a silent and peaceful ashram in the mountains, where the Ganges is still so clean you can bathe in it. Later when we moved to the big Parmarth Nikitan Ashram,  in Rishikesh we didn’t go into the water, but watched the river fast flowing, attending the nightly ganga aarti (river worship ceremony).

I am so grateful to have had this experience – and at the same time so full of all this that I feel I have hardly “arrived” back home yet. I very much hope I’ll manage to stay in touch with the silence and tranquility I found – when everyday life here again grabs my attention!

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Sometimes it feels like my own art work almost disappears behind piles of paperwork and organizing. Now at least the application for Bornholm Kulturuge has been dispatched. Please, cross your fingers for positive response = economical support for our project, (= exhibition and workshop) at TRYK2.

In Marts we’ll know the answer!

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NEW YEAR = New Plans & Dreams


Ended 2016 with a solid bruised rib and a broken big toe after a downhill run in Risskov yesterday the very last day of the old year, so 1. January I spent – quite atypical me – seated in the couch – feet up – in order to heal my wrecked body.

However, physics is not everything! Mentally I am completely on top and totally excited about revealing some of my prospects and projects for 2017.

I’m planning and dreaming about everything from my ‘daily art practice’ (my atelier G13 & my art classes at Testrup), to travelling adventures like the retreat / painter travel to ashrams in the northern India in a couple of months, my second summer course abroad: ICONS & ARTISTS ‘BOOKS in Vilnius, a new Nordic collaborative art project ARTMONEY NORD that will be launched at Bornholm in October – and hopefully a lot of nice trips to Copenhagen, London, Samsoe, Hothouze and Berlin to visit family, friends and other wonderful people.

NB. What are your dreams and plans for 2017?

Photocredit: New Year by me, Rishikesh by Hellen Lassen 🙂
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