Visiting London to see art, gather new strength, inspiration and fresh street garbage for the upcoming season.ūüôā

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Simply Kitchen

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And this is how it looks after the make-over. Light and simple.Exactly the way I like it!

The wall has been whitewashed,the dark old varnish sanded off the floor. At the open shelves cups, cutlery, cans, gizmos, cookware has been reorganized – a great deal even sent to remote storage in the basement.

Usually I don’t feed an entire army. It’s just sometimes. For Christmas, birthdays and festivities, we are so many people. For everyday use I’d say: less is more!



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A Project Spreads Out


I planned to paint the ceiling and walls…but…

Somehow the process just expanded and now the kitchen, which probably was installed sometime in the 60’s, has been stripped and teared down.

I’m so found of the new “raw look” so I consider to leave the room almost as it is; allowing the raw wall/ the bricks that appeared when we chopped the old tiles to be visible. Leave the kitchen table on trestles – and just add a few open shelves for cups and stuff.

Regardless, there’s still quite some work to do; cleaning and painting the walls – and fix the floor. Several floorboards were missing under the sink.

The next days I’ll use the kitchen as primitive as it is. Experience how it functions and feel how I actually want it to develop.

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Two summers ago the greenhouse I inherited from my Granddad was mostly broken windows and cat shit. However, I took a turn; replaced the broken glass, removed half a meter of soil and made a “floor” out of sand and tiles. The greenhouse now serves as a bit of an oasis. Maybe not so much for growing plants (Actually I’ve only got four small tomatoes) – but for me. It’s a prefectly peaceful place to spend a couple of hours. Especially as long as the weather is not completely reliable.

Pure bliss and contemplation to just sit here; listening to the birds and enjoying all the green wonders that unfold (almost explosively) in the garden right now Рmaybe adding a little  embroidering, writing, reading and sipping tea. More on that topic later!

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Simple(r) Living?


Guess you know the feeling. How stuff, paper, materials, clothing, etc. tend to pile up over time without you noticing Рuntil suddenly one day you wake up and realize that you are drowning in junk and stuff?

One by one it can be both fine and useful objects, but in total it just becomes too much – it’s an almost suffocating sensation!

That’s how I feel every spring! Suddenly and violently I’m overpowered by an almost uncontrollable urge to cut to the core. Free myself from the weight of things. A need to review what’s essential; What I actually want to keep in my life? AND what must be sorted out (passed on to others who can use the stuff).

So I am clearly in a period of sorting my worldly goods, books, papers, clothes, trinkets and more. A process that almost inevitably leads on to reflections on how to simplify ALL aspects of life. Thoughts on whom and what will I use my time and energy. A very necessary, healthy and healing process.

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The Wave


I’ve just created two new pieces – for an exhibition in Skagen next month. Think I’m a little obsessed with gold / silver. My golden period, so to speak!

I enjoy the quiet moments in my studio – in my own good company. Enjoy to see how the image emerges, to handle the vibrant micro-milimeter thin material, metal sheets, where you can hardly breathe before it flies away. To absorb totally within this delicate work while listening to music or an audiobook, I assure you; it’s pure balm for the soul!

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Paraphrase – Ode – Hommage




Another exhibition opening in Copenhagen. and exhibition of artists’ books with a handful of colleagues Birgit Dalum’s Atelier, Falconer All√©.

One of many exhibitions on the occasion of Women Artists Society’s 100th anniversary. The exhibition is open until 23 April.

My contribution is a tribute to the Finnish-Swedish poet Edit Södergran and her beautiful, ecstatic cosmic poems.

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