A quiet moment with myself. A wonderful way to meet and greet the day.

Meditation, coffee and longhand writing. Have to admit a small addiction to drinking coffee… but then again: Rome was not built in one day. I think I can bear with this – still for a while.  :-)

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The Artists Way


Have just started a 12-weeks self-development based on Julia Cameron‘s book “The Artists Way” together with a group of beautiful & creative women. We are all very motivated by a deep longing to let creativity have much more space and influence in our lives.

We feel so ready and spirits are high. Not only we have shaken hands this weekend that we embark on this project, we’ve also signed a “contract with ourselves” – to implement a daily practice and go wholeheartedly into the process whatever it brings.

Daily exercises, writing Morning Pages and a weekly Artists Date (alone – with oneself) are the tools to bring us in deeper contact with our “inner artist” and in general keep us “on the track”.

During the process we’ll meet again here – and also stay connected via the net. So far it all looks fantastic and encouraging! No doubt you’re greatly supported by meditating and sharing experiences, reflections and knowledge in a group. This can only be good!

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Art Course in Istanbul

Great news: it’s entirely official now! In collaboration with Kreativt Netværk who’ve specialized in painting travels and courses in Denmark and abroad, I have my first Art Travel To Istanbul in September! I can’t express how excited I am about this project: A travel to one of my recurring sources of motives and inspiration – and myself as the guide for a small group of likeminded art entusiasts!

I’ve been in Istanbul many times over the years – ever since I was in my mid twenties – and love the city with its beautiful marketplaces, mosques, museums and views.

This travel is an offer for all you creative people and free spirits with a drop of adventurous blood running in the veins. We’ll travel in a small group (maximum 12 people), have our headquarter in the old, historical, sensuous, exotic part of the city – with the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Bazaar, Topkapi, the Greek district in Taksim, and Bosphorus just around the corner.

As independent art nomads we’ll work around the neighborhood squares, cafes, museums, parks and plazas with our paintings, mixed media collages and artists’ books in the form of a personal, visual travel diary. We’ll also do a oneday outing by boat to the Princes Island to gather impressions for our work.

Do you dream like me, about new inspiration and perspectives on your creativity under a warmer and more exotic sky, with an experienced guide and in a group of likeminded souls – you have the opportunity here and now!

See you in Istanbul! :-)

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Vitamins for the Soul

From last weekends trip to Copenhagen. First and foremost, to see both of my children now living respectively at Østerbro, Copenhagen and Camden, London – and who I therefore do not see quite as often as I used to. However, being apart also adds extra energy to the actual meetings – so I guess in the end we will have our need for contact restored.

It was such a joy to see both again – and we had some absolutely wonderful days talking, drinking coffee, reading Tarot, and visiting a few art exhibitions. Especially the recent Finnish-Danish ceramics exhibition was inspiring. So full of humor, odd and strange pieces. As usual I got an immediate urge to go home and get started some modeling myself.

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Art Courses – Spring Season 2015


TAKING A LINE FOR A WALK. Playing  with script, sign and line in the artistic process. Handwriting as a pictorial element.  Saturday 31. January 2015.

MANDALA. FLOWER OF LIFE, GOLDEN RATIO – and other universal, archetypical, spiritual and geometrical figures. WEEKEND 14.-15. February 2015.

THE ARTIST’S WAY. 12 weeks self-development where you work to unfold your talent and your own unique creativity. NB. 3 WEEKENDS: 28/2-1/3, 25-26/4, and 23-24/5 2015.

ARTISTS’ BOOKS. Create your own notebooks, journals, bookart. Simple structures and bindings – lot of fun! Saturday 28. March 2015.

COLLAGE, ILLUSTRATIONS & VISUAL LOGBOOKS. Drawing & illustration – from big size canvases & boards to tiny notebooks. WEEKEND 13.-14. June2015

My creative workshops and courses all have an emphasis on issues as simple solutions, sustainability and spirituality. Sessions explore relationships between art, craft, the individual and the environment.

All courses take place at G13, my atelier in Aarhus, (Dk). Taught in small groups, these sessions provide lots of time and space for both individual contemplation, creative conversations and playful exchange during the day.

Please: a poster Kunst- & selvudviklingskurser or flyer Kunst & selvudvikling_FLYER for your noticeboard, complete with dates, prices etc.

Looking forward to see you at my atelier :-)

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White Christmas & Happy New Year!

foto (4)Dear friends, as always so much exciting is going on in life, I hardly find the time to put my feet on the ground. But Christmas morning the world appeared so white soft, and sparkling – I had to calm down and do a little barefoot walk in my garden.

Celebrating the New Year is a welcome opportunity to take stock over projects, property, relationships, health, habits and everyday life. Finding what works? What to cut away? What to transform? And what new dooss to open? I’ve got plenty of sketches on the table, the task now is to prioritize the order.

One of the first issues on the to-do list is to decide the dates of my art-courses for spring. Working on it right now. Is launched here as soon as it’s finally cleared with my calendar! OBS! The SPRING 2015 season’s up now, please have a look here.

Additionally, I simply have to mention, I’ve started a collaboration with Kreativt Netværk who’ve specialized in organizing art-travels for creative people to various excotic destinations. I love to travel you know. And I love to work creatively. So, can you do anything better than combining the two aspects?

I promise to be back with further updates on this in a very near future! So far, I can only say I’m totally excited about the perspectives of this challenge – and hope that some of you would like to join me. We aim this adventure towards September!



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Currently building a ‘House book’ – with house shaped pages (much simplified) and joined in an accordion/ Leporello structure.

The idea popped up by itself one day I noticed some ‘house-shaped’ boxes at a local stationery store. They looked like cute little bathhouses / allotment garden houses – and I immediately decided to persue a few and transform them into something “bookish”.

My first ‘House-book’ was made for HJEM/HOME my nordic artists’ books project in the North Atlantic House this summer. So this one is another one, but of course with some common denominators; made in my favorite kind of material = all kinds of recycled paper and cardboard, clippings, gesso, glue, tape, paint, stitching. I even consider adding a little silver and gold (inspired by Christmas perhaps?) but haven’t decided yet .

What I do know is that this one is dedicated Vamp & Tramp, my agent in United States, who’re working to convey artists’ books to private collectors and public collections. And who just sold yet another work of mine to the John Hopkins University in Baltimore. Thanks a lot V&T! :-)

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