Nordic values – in Helsinki

From my recent travel with my art project ARTMONEY NORD to Helsinki.

It was a great pleasure to meet my Finnish artist colleages – and exchange thoughts on how art and artists can contribute to make the world is for a better and more sustainable, fair and balanced place to live for all of us.

I was really confirmed how the visions and the concept of artmoney reflects the very core of a Nordic mindset about independent individuals, understanding and respect for our unique nature,  and a just and fair society with a high degree of trust, equality and personal responsibility.

And I feel very happy and privileged to work for these values.




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Dreaming up my Summer Plans

Dreaming – and making plans up for the summer: Let there be time for a gentle mix of work & pleasure meaning I will go and see friends and family AND work at the same time/ in between.

May and June: Exhibitions and workshops in Samsø and Helsinki.
July: Exhibition in Vilnius.
August: Local exhibitions in Lysets Hus and hOLME kUNSTHAL + exhibitions & workshops in Reykjanesbaer & Akureyri, Island

The setting’s free and the weather almost divine – it gives me so much joy and energy. My terrasse door is open all day and night, I walk in my garden barefoot – every day a new flower is blooming. Makes me feel blessed. Life is simple. And full of possibilities. Just breathe…20180519 Samsø Hanne syr (3)


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Berlin Visit

Study trip to a wonderful summer hot Berlin with students and teachers from Testrup + my daughter from Copenhagen. And this is called work! How lucky can you be?

As usual, my program’s a good mix of museums, galleries (you could say this time with a certain focus on body, gender and feminist art), bookshops, concerts, morning yoga, bicycle tour, Sunday flea market, Prinzessinnen Gärten, and time for just sitting somewhere along Spree – drinking coffee and enjoying life!

And as usual I return home – happy and inspired – but also kind of exhausted/ top loaded with new impressions from this beautiful green metropolis. I need a timeout – just for me/my self – preferably combined with a walk in the wood or little gardening. It use to be helpful when digesting impressions. 😉

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Shirt Mending

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A major part of my daily rutines’re not about new and interesting art projects rather about keeping up with a natural decline – of body and soul as well as more earthly possessions and belongings.

In this case one my favorite shirts’re almost falling apart. Still I don’t really feel like throwing it out so it has by and by turned out to be a kind of slow-stitching project, where I try to keep up the worn parts with patches and joints. Recently even simple embroidery is blending in. It’s a small thing to do – but the process of “drawing” with a needle and thread actually gives a great deal of  pleasure. And the result is pretty satisfying: my shirt’s still ready for use – adds to the efforts a strong sense of meaning.

I do enjoy the noble art of mending and keeping it all together.

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Timeless Feeling

Few days family visit a couple of weeks ago allowed me some precious time in the beautiful oases of my beloved London to recharge my energy.

Whenever I’ve get the chance I go walking in Kensington Gardens. It’s a beautiful way of meditation. And this time I even discovered the nearby reading room at the V & A Museum. My warmest recommendations: This is the place if you want to disappear from the earth’s surface for some hours – immersed in a deep leather chair in a wonderfully quiet reading room.

In V&A I also bought myself a couple of cool ceramics books – to keep the inspiration up and on fire. And I can tell I’m so full of a burning desire to start model some big jars and get something started!

Crafting’s just great.

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How cool is the sparse and hardy vintergække/snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis). In spite of snow and cold it sends out its sprouts as an assurance from the earth that nature goes on – and it will be spring again.

My garden is blessed with an abundant number of the snowdrop, I gladly pick for my glass vases, to put in gække-brev (snowdrop letters) * – and now also for my artist’s books.

I like the way the whiteness of the paper and the flowers merge. So here you are: Snowdrops pressed, embedded in wax and paper, and made into a coptic bound book.

*) Gækkebreve or snowdrop letters is a unique Danish tradition.  To “gække” means to tease. You do it like this: cut out elaborate (typical symmetrical) pattern on paper, write a “teaser poem”, accompanied by a vintergæk (snowdrop). Send the letter is anonymously but signed with a number of dots corresponding to the number of letters in the sender’s name. If the recipient can guess who it’s from, the sender owes him an egg. If he can’t, he owes the sender an egg. 

An “egg” doesn’t have to be an actual egg (nor a chocolate one). It can be any token or small gift – as a book, a box of color crayons, a basket of flowers or something else.

This year, everybody guessed me. Maybe I should consider educate myself on a less distinctive handwriting before next year’s gække season. 😉

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0 – System


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Yet another artist’s book emerged at my desk this week. And what’s up this time? Some round figures obviously. Seeds? Egg forms? Anyway, guess I’m somehow  influenced by both the equinox and the upcoming Easter. In any case, I have painted a number of eggs/ zeros/spots/rounds (on the last paper scraps from the project Il Canto della Vita).

My new piece’s called O – SYSTEM. The meaning of “0” may be zero, referring to the number zero, to nothing, no matter, or to the letter o, or the symbol for circle??

Either it is to be seen as zeros/ circles/ letter “o”. However, it might also be interpreted as a “no systeme” = absence of system and context.

I don’t know the meaning yet, but I already feel how this inciting intricate system’s calling for me to explore unfold and develop more.

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