Attending my monthly sculpture class is lika an infusion of a pure vitamin that helps to survive the winter.

This time we worked with sculpture based on a word or concept we got in lottery: “Joy”, “hygiene”, “optur”, “staircase” etc.

We also reviewed our home assignments: Sew a sculpture. Very interesting to get acquainted with the other students’ solutions and reflexions – and to have feedback on my own work.

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Memento Mori


The last couple of weeks I have been working on completing a work “Memento Mori. Remember to live before you die” for the 8th Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2018.

The theme has been given on behalf of the Trienniale. It’s Latin and meaning something like “remember your mortality” or “remember that you will die”. It describes a genre of art works that varies widely, but has has the same purpose: to remind people of their own mortality – if you happen to have forgotten…

Well, let’s put the joking to the side. Of course we all know that we are going to die one day. But many of us seem to forget about it in the daily life’s bustle. At least we behave as if we have oceans of time available. However, the core is: The very fact that this wonderful life – this precious moment – only exists in this very now. For me it makes sense – and I work to let it resonate a giant echo far into everything I do.

In any case, I’ve had the opportunity to think a lot about existence while I’ve created this – my own Memento Mori. Full of circles, cycles, suns, moons and other celestial bodies – as well as records of some of my dear and close relationships.

It’s all now shipped and hopefully finds its way in the flow of Christmas post and packages.

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Sculptural Minds

One of the best things I’ve done for myself this autumn has been to enroll Sunday school at Thomas Anderson’s Skulpturskole. A great way to meet fellow artists and likemind

people the first  Sunday every month for half a year. A full day to play, work, discuss art – especially sculpture and what does sculptural qualities mean. To show and share your homework/task  in the group. What a mind expanding pleasure – and still 2 Sundays to come!

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London Time Out

A perfect pre-christmas timeout in London with my beloved kids. Time to look at art, go to a café, see a museum, take a walk, chill out, get an update on everybodys current life and future plans – and enjoy the ambiance of a sumptuous Christmas-decorated city.

I return home – grateful and full of bubbling, sparkling joy and inspiration for the coming dark winter months.

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The Circle

Just got this timelapse showing my installation – as day turns to night.

THE CIRKLE was made especially for the event LIGHT AND SILENCE at at Øm kloster 28th-29th October 2017.

Film credit: eSCAPE / Museum Skanderborg

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Sculpture School

Bronze casting at the Sculpture School. Early cold autumn air meets the fire and radiant heat from the atelier. Liquid bronze’s poured gently into the molds. Tense awaiting while cooling. Process and result.

Carefully knocking off the plaster cast. The figure is lifted out. We study the outcome. Proprotions. Composition.

We cut off the “wings” with angle grinders. Oxidize and polish the figurines. The atmosphere is like calm fever and fortified mercury. Pure magic!

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Light and Silence

IMG_184022886032_2078651689087788_1514836565859539340_nIMG_027022814287_2078651732421117_2051593038717001456_n23004678_1518642448217629_6421267363421473663_o23120042_1518642438217630_8828908749013007292_o23120333_1518642574884283_4561248919360143549_oIMG_1872My artwork Cirklen had an almost magical effect as the daylight disappeared and the darkness fell on. A big red and glowing circle of life in the darkness.

It was a very beautiful and poetic event last weekend at Øm Monastery – where light, silence, darkness and autumn foliage melted together as the daylight faded and formed exactly the quiet, thoughtful and intense atmosphere I had imagined.

Of course, I have had many considerations about how to handle this. The iconic circle has always been in my mind as an archetypal symbol with countless meanings: holiness, eternity, and of course the cyclical, the divine power of nature. And in this context also a symbolic representation of monastic life and the ritual everyday life of the monks.

Besides experiencing my Circle, you could visit the museum, talk to savvy archaeologists dressed in monk suit, see the monasteries ruined by the paper lions specially made for the event of local school classes, you could have a taste of pea soup and beer bread – dishes that the monks probably also have enjoy during their time – and sometimes stand by the fire and drink hot blackcurrant juice to keep warm.

It has in all ways been both challenging and exciting to work on this project, and therefore so much more satisfying when it turns out a success. Thanks to eSCAPE who hired me – and thanks for all the positive feedback from you who participated in this very special bright experience!

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