Wake UP – Slow DOWN

Photo comment: Dear friends. I don’t know how you cope with existence in these Corona quarantine days/ weeks. Personally I feel a bit unfocused and out of tune. I’m working a bit here and here: from digging the garden, to sewing patches on a pair of torn trouser and clearing shelves and hides, finding various more or less forgotten materials. Among other things this “board” and a faded label saying “LIFE SIGN” from a previous art project. Gave me the idea to fill the board with signs of life (whatever that may be)..
It is ment for 20 small objects or finds. The individual “rooms” are quite small: 3 x 7 cm. But yes, at least it’s a start. A collection of some kind. An attempt to create order from chaos? Please, feel free to join me with your bid: What does a sign of life look like?

PS Sorry I have to link to my Instagram – but it seems I have used up my photolimit here at wordpress, I cannot post as many photos as I would like. And as I used too 🙂

The last weeks have been a huge upheaval! Not just for me – but for people all over the world. Coronavirus has spread The situation is profoundly serious and no longer something that only happens in a remote province in China. On the contrary – this is a worldwide crisis.

We are hit in different ways. Some to a mild degree, others in fatal degree. The various natinal governments also handle the situation very different. Typically by closing the public space and suggesting self-isolation strategies. We’re encouraged to stand together – by standing alone

I feel incredibly privileged to live in Denmark and to have come back from Asia just before closing time. My workplace has been shut down for the past 3 weeks, like everyone else (except for the essential jobs in healthcare or with supplies of groceries etc) – but at least I still have my job. Not everyone is so lucky. Many are and will become unemployed, companies close for good. The Danish government is trying to mitigate the worst economic collapse with various grants and support schemes, so there is also a working life to return to when we return from isolation. Fortunately, it seems the infection numbers have come under control. So much so that we now expect we can slowly and gradually return to “normal” life after Easter. It’s really gratifying to see some light ahead.

One should not conclude too quickly. The situation is still mega complex. However, for me there is no doubt this is a huge wake-up call to all of us: We have gone too far in our lifestyle, our consumption, and yes, by the way the privileged classes (myself included) happyly and carefree are travelling around the world for our own pleasure. The globe can’t bear it!

The happy news is, that these weeks give us, yes even force us, to slow down and contemplate our values, dreams, desires and hopes. At the same time we experience a huge power and willingness among people to change habits and behavior in order to overcome this pandemic. That gives me so much hope. And we need that. Because I have no doubt that this is just the beginning as the next (or rather the other) major crisis we’re facing is the climate. But there is hope! That we can actually change the situation – when we decide to go in the same direction. Let’s see this as a most needed time of rehearsal.

Take care! And be kind to yourself these days. ❤

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Yoga Travel

I feel so blessed having experienced 3 wonderful weeks traveling with my daughter to Uttarakhand, the foot of the Himalayas, to enjoy an extensive days of trekking, yoga, meditations and spiritual lectures in local ashrams.

I was introduced to the area 3 years ago, when I travelled here with a group of Scandinavian artists on a silent retreat – and since I always longed to come back. This time I even had the blessing to do the journey together with Emilie, who is a really dedicated and skillful yoga practitioner and teacher herself. It has been fantastic to share this!

It has been the most intensive and inspiring weeks. We have been living close together in a daily practice of early mornings, 3 simple but nourishing vegetarian meals a day, hiking along the Ganges, meditating, attending yoga classes and spiritual lectures. Sharing the every day of a simple yet very fulfilling life. Something we haven’t done for almost 10 years – since Emilie left the nest/home. In so many ways it has (re)vitalized our relation .

First week we had signed up for a yoga-course at the peacefull Phool Chatti under the guidence of Lalita Ji, teaching traditional Indian yoga and ashram life.

After that we moved to Parmarth Niketan attending the International Yoga Festival 2020, a huge event with more than 1000 participaters, teacher and spiritual leaders from all over the world. A lot of people, still less than the previous years, due to the emerging Corona pandemic (more about that later).

We’re now back home again safe and sound – and full of peace and inspiration. Just in time before the total Lock Down of society – not only in Denmark – but worldwide.

Still: so much to be grateful about!

More pictures at Instagram 🙂

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Winter’s chores and chores – outside in.

Outside: The storm and I prune the garden. Inside: The pottery workshop seize my day(s). Working with imprints in the soft clay. Boards and tiles keep emerging. Still new colors and shades see the light of day.

And behind the sceenes: A lot of reflection, planning and dreaming’s going on. In short: Buisness as usual.

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Porcelain for Paris

Recent experiments making tiles of porcelain went so well, I decided to go on and also make some for the Artmoney Spring Exhibition in Paris.

I have become almost obsessed with this fine-grained delicate white material. I’ve worked with ceramics for years, but have never really been interested in porcelain before. Funny how one’s preferences can suddenly and unexpectedly change.

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A New Year of Old Shirts & Jeans

I often feel an urge for “cleanup” and “renewal” in the wake of year-end. It’s time for making status and sort out what old, enduring issues, things and relationships that are no longer rewarding and have to be left behind to make way for new seeds.

Of course, not everything old has lost its value – it might just need a bit of cleansing, repair or renewal.

I’ve always had a great deal of pleasure in patching and repairing things. As an example see how a favorite shirt – or jeans can be revitalized and last yet another season.

I love creating new – but to the same extent, I feel the satisfaction to revitalize things that are worn out but still have quality and sparkle joy. Patina adds character. Darning and mending is a question of skills and point of view. Buying new is easy. Everybody with enough money can buy new things, no offence, while mending is a skill you have to highlight and nourish. A surplus gesture in future.

Recently I was in London to see my family before Christmas and even found time to get around Loop, one of my absolute favorite stores in Islington. A super inspiring needlework universe, with yarns, knitting examples and loads of patterns and recipes. Couldn’t resist but gave myself two books on the art of darning and patching. Hannah Lamb: Poetic Cloth and Hikaru Noguchi: Darning – repair, make, mend. Finally I subscribed myself on a list of upcoming courses – for further inspiration – as I realized it’s more than three years since I attended a Slow-stiching class with Claire Wellesley-Smith. It gave me so much joy and inspiration I still feast on, so I think it’s about time to look out for some new “slow” inspiration.

Happy 2020 – a new year – even a new decade. Wish you all well.

What’s your plans for the new year?

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A creative and long-lasting Christmas Present?

Maybe you think it’s a little early to plan your summer … however that’s what I’m doing at the moment. Plotted 3-4 courses/ workshops into my 2020 summer holy day calendar. Two Sketchbooks and ScrapBooks workshops, where I teach simple bookbinding techniques and artists’ books – and a graphic workshop with close colleagues – all in collaboration with Kunstø Samsø. See the programme here.

The courses take place in picturesque surroundings at the beautiful green island of Samsø. The bookbinder workshop will be in an old traditional Grocery Farm next to Ballen’s beautiful sandy beach – the print workshop in Langøre rowing club – with the sea and the small port as the nearest neighbors.

What I want to tell: Kunstø issues gift cards. The prefect Christmas gift for a creative soul – it could even be yourself!

Finally, I can recommend a week of music & visual arts at Testrup Højskole. Want to know more, please, ask me or go here

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Artmoney made of Porcelain

An experiment: My first ARTMONEY made of porcelain. For the exhibition Blue December in Copenhagen.

You can also see and/or buy these pieces directly from my Atelier G13

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Open Doors at the Atelier

Looking forward to welcoming you to my atelier next weekend with a nice selection of new and old works, a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee, a little art debate, talk about life in general and an update on what I am currently working on.

My atelier G13 is part of an annual event called SPOR KUNSTEN – open studios, where local artists who open the doors and invite visitors the first weekend in October.

I plan to show some collages, artmoney, artists’ books, ceramics and more. The project ARTMONEY NORD I recently exhibited in the Faroe Islands will also be on display. Come and see!

As a prelude to the open-door-weekend, SPOR KUNSTEN organizes the opening of our Presentation Exhibition (“Workshop selfies”) as well as artists’ talks and debate (in Danish – but with the possibility of translation) at Godsbanen in Aarhus on October.

See more of the participating artists, the workshops’ addresses, opening hours, and the time and place of our vernissage and debate event at Godsbanen at www.sporkunsten.dk

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Inhale – Exhale

Outdoor art installation in driveway of G13 (my house and studio). Created by me and two colleagues on occasion of Aarhus Festival week 2019

Stress, rush and noise. The pace in modern society is high and demanding. We all run (too) fast. Many almost forget about breathing. Breathing holes are needed in a hectic everyday life. Inhale-Exhale offers you a pause .

We welcome you to our peaceful little beach oasis. Please, feel free to settle down. And just breathe. Leave the world for a while. Draw some lines in the sand. Maybe dream or meditate for a better world … maybe talk with your fellow visitors of your dreams and visions… or keep them inside, as you please.

PS: we offer both earmuffs and earplugs (we’re right next tio the street/ street noise), notebooks to doodle in, knitting, poems, philosophical texts to reflect on – as well as sheer inactivity in our little oasis.

PS.PS: If you think you recognize our little “houses”, you are absolutely right. They are recycled from a previous project but now in a new context and setting

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Great days with ARTMONEY NORD in a sunny Tórshavn.

On display at Smiðjan in Lítluvík, the municipal gallery at the harbor. The exhibition was very well received and attracted good interest from both locals and visitors (tourists). In general, Faroese people seem very interested in art; many are actually committed visual artists, painters, musicians, and poets themselves. Especially when you consider how few inhabitants they are – about 40,000 in total, of which about 20,000 live in Tórshavn, it must be the world’s smallest capital.

I love being here and could well dream of coming back on a longer work stay / residency. I did some research while here, so now we’ll see.

Read more about how ARTMONEY NORD started. New article in English – på dansk)

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