Artists´Books – at the library

Here is a poster I just made for my artists´books group X-piir. This month we´re having an exhibition at The Library of Samsø (small island – about two hours away from here – by car and ferry). Isn´t it a nice idea; exposing books at a library?!

Anyway, we´re this bunch of women, knowing each other from Århus´Art Academy. Three years ago we formed X-piir to have a forum for selebrating and sharing this madness about one-of-a-kind-books, altered books, mixed-media-books, art-journals, artists´books whatever it´s called. In X-piir we all have our various “styles”, favorite materials and colours – as well as quite different personalities and temperament, that´s what makes it such a thrill!

Most of our books have been exposed at different small and local, and not so small, not so local, libraries in Denmark and Island. Libraries are often nice places to show what you are doing. I like their atmosphere, the feeling of informality and being “at home”. I like to hang out, read the magazines and browse the newspapers, see whatever there is to see. Of course libraries are not to be compared with galleries; but a lot of people will pass by, and usually people attendig libraries are potentially interested in art and culture. It doesn´t have to be a big deal to arrange something and, very important, you don´t have to think of any expences. If you are not an experienced artist, your local library could be a nice place for an out-let!



Obviously my favorite palette contains lots and lots of white!


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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  1. shelly says:

    i love that living room!

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