Art Money

IMG_17381.JPGIMG_1743.JPGIMG_1744.JPGYesterday I just put up another exhibition at my local library (told you I´m found of libraries!) Anyway, this exhibition is about Art Money.

I wonder if you´ve ever heard about the concept of Art Money? It´s an art project, a practical attempt to introduce an alternative currency in the shape of original art. The project started here in Denmark, some years ago and it´s run by BIAM, short for Bank of International Art Money. An Art Money is an original art object measuring 12×18 cm, in almost any media, painting, print whatever. I´ve even seen beautifull pieces made of glass!


Once you ´re registered in BIAM you are allowed to produce and distribute Art Money and then, of course, you also accept to get paid a portion of what you sell with art-money. I really love this concept. The very idea as well as the actual making and distributing talks to my way of thinking.

I usually deal with collage-making, painting, stamping and sewing and I use the same materials and techniques for my art-money. The size and form of art-money makes it very manageable to make a small series – also when you are short of time.


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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