In my family we are not very religious,. Spiritual yes, but not religious. And so, Easter time is not an ecclesiastical affair – it´s more like an occation to notice spring is finally(!) here. The old is dying – in order for new impulses to break through. This is the natural cycle of life! To celebrate this we always decorate the table with a basket of eggs and we always pick a vase full of branches, it must be a big bunch, and full of eggs too; it´s our Easter-three. Now it stands here in front of me, and for the next days I will enjoy how the leaves unfold in wonderfull variations of shining almost luminous green shades.

I have one friend though, who is very serious about religion. She´s a Catholic, and it´s most interesting to hear her point of wiev. In her family they fast in the time before Easter (several weeks). I´ve always thought, fasting was about not eating, but in reality you can fast anything and it doesn´t have to be food. So in her family everybody individually chose to fast something they like – maybe even like a little too much. It can be anything: watching TV or surfing on the net, touching sweets, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, shopping, whatever. Of course it must be something you´re really found of. If you don´t like – let say – smoking cigarettes, it´s not a challenge to drop it. I´ve often thought of trying this idea. ´Why not? It´s not for ever, it´s just for a period, and if you are not a Chatolic you are free to chose on your own: when and how long a period. Drop an old habit – and see what happens.

I wonder what I´d decide to fast. Reading creative peoples´blogs could be one! I´m actually sort of hooked these days, I must admit. Another thing could be cutting away coffeee and carrots! I´m in the process of writing 5 synopses for my approaching exam (deadline for handing in is 1. May). In order to keep smiling, I´ve become totally devoted to the stimulants mentioned above. I´m sure, it would be wise to detach, but do I have the spirit?


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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