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Almost antique

Today I went to Århus to meet a friend of mine. On my way I passed these old, almost antique, sofas in the street. Some young people were renovating a shabby old nightclub/bar and what the furniture and things they … Continue reading

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Reading for Pleasure

Look here what I´ve got by mail these last days. So many interesting and inspiring books, magazines and parcels! The books are a special offer/introduction from a book club focusing on design, living and lifestyle. The first one I chose … Continue reading

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 After a long and busy day (my written examn) it was absolutely wonderful to return home to work with a concrete and creative project like sewing this pachwork. It is now my next project. I would like it to be … Continue reading

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Colours of the decay

I simply love the faded, pale, dusty colours of used, washed-out and second-hand textiles. Doesn´t always matter if some of them have marks, spots and stains and maybe even a hole or a patch. I don´t go for the perfect … Continue reading

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Organizing stuff

As I told you before (24/05) I work hard on becomming an organized person and what I´m trying right now is to get in control over all my knitting patterns, notes, yarn and stuff. 1th June I´m going for my … Continue reading

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Torpedo 6

I´ll just show you something from my studio. My beloved old "Torpedo" type writer! I love words and letters, and although I´ve become very enthusiastic about the possibilities of e-mail and the internet, I still write (some of) my personal … Continue reading

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Jacob GadeĀ“s footprints

Another great day! The photo is poor – but the music superb! Today my job was not to be the creative – but the supportive one: the chauffeur, the manager and part of the audience, while X did his job … Continue reading

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