To tie up loose ends

Today I fetched my art-money exhibition at my local library. It´s wonderful to have it all back home again. I even managed to sell a few ones! Piece of cake! And now I´ll go and pick one with a pink rose and send it to Hanna/Il Bloggo; we have decided to make a swap: one of her ATC in fabric for one of my art-money.

Unfortunately life isn´t always that simple. I have another exhibition, in a Gallery in Germany that troubles me. Nothing have been returned yet from an exhibition that ended 6 weeks ago! I have mailed with the manager a couple of times; he made a lot of excuses and promised to take affair. That´s about 3 weeks ago now and nothing has happend. Last week I even send him a reminder, but I haven´t got any responce. It´s most frustrating! I always send my very best pieces, so of course I´m getting impatient – and somewhat anxious to get my things back so tonight I´m going to make a serious call to Germany…

It´s down in my notebook now. I always keep several "to-do-lists". What to do and what to remember, stuff like that. And when a job is done I love to wing it off and delete it from the list. It´s pure pleasure, a confirmation of your decision: yes, I did it! What I plan to do, I´ll actually do! Okay I might wait till the next day – or even the next day. But in the end end I´ll do it!


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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2 Responses to To tie up loose ends

  1. rebecca says:

    I share your feeling of “nice to have it back home again” at the end of a spell being exhinited. I also understand your concerns about the gallery..I have a peice that I donated to AIDS research…I was given the wrong proceedure for donating it, and the director just hung it up in a hurry. I have no idea if it sold at the auction or if so how much…nothing..for all I know it is still hanging in that same spot!
    I should get it in gear and find out.

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