Yesterday was Emilie´s confirmation day. A wonderfull day starting with 2 hours ceremony at Sct. Pauls Church in Århus. And afterwards a party with family and friends at Grandma Ellen´s big house.

Oh, what a happy day we had. It´s a day we will remember with gratitude. Everything worked out perfectly and everybody were so loving and giving and cheerfull. The stage was set for some festive and pleasant hours in good company. The tables – was made so fine and delicate with white cloth – and flowers, napkins and candels kept in shades of pale green, white pink and burgundish red. The food and the wine – was plenty and exquisite. Beautifull words were spoken and sung to celebrate Emilie. Anna Sofie played her sister a lullaby and a Händel-sonata. And what a lot of gifts she got, my youngest daughter! Greetings, gifts and so much money, I think she´s the well-to-do person in this house now…

And Emilie herself? She carried all the attention in a most natural way, she even contributed by playing a de Fech Sonata, Hedwig´s theme (from the Harry Potter movie) and a modern piece "die Hochzeitsgäste" at her brand new full size cello.

What more can I tell? The sun was shining all day, spring has finally come, so after the dinner we could sit at the terrace and have coffee, iceparfait, fruit and chocolate and a delicious marzipan ring cake. Mmmn!!! No wonder I feel a bit heavy today…

Anyway, a special and wonderfull day for a special and wonderfull girl. Every mother will think her children are speciel, I know, but talking about Emilie it is true! One small example – as you can see for yourself: No white dress, although this is the traditional dresscode for girls at the confirmation. But not for Emilie! She made up her mind on a green-grey dress with a pattern of flowers and leafs in silver and bronce. I think she´s truely a bit of an elf maid.


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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2 Responses to Confirmation

  1. Ellen says:

    Your daughter is truly lovely. And I like it that she has a mind of her own…..good for her choosing the dress she liked rather than conforming. I think I would like her!

  2. AnnaA says:

    And she was the prettiest of them all!! 🙂

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