Torpedo 6

I´ll just show you something from my studio. My beloved old "Torpedo" type writer!

I love words and letters, and although I´ve become very enthusiastic about the possibilities of e-mail and the internet, I still write (some of) my personal letters and notes at this rather antique appparatus/device/machine/object/whatever. It´s a slow and heavy way compared to the pc, and if you make a mistake it is awfull! On the other hand – I find that "real" letters, typed or handwritten have greater value. It´s just wonderfull to recieve a proper letter – not only a message you can read at a screen.

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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12 Responses to Torpedo 6

  1. That typewriter is a real keeper. I hear that the font from old Typewriter keys are really hot these days

  2. Marianne says:

    Those old typewriters are great… and letters typed on it are also great. I agree with you on that one. And even if you don’t use it to write it’s still a beautiful piece of design, I think.

  3. Jill says:

    I, too, love words and letters (as in abc), and I appreciate your thoughts about the value of “real” letters (as in ink on paper). As convenient as the internet is, I find great pleasure in receiving a letter that’s hidden in an envelope, just waiting to be opened and read.

  4. Ellen says:

    I love your robot! I used to have one very similar to yours but got rid of it because of space issues. I have missed it! Although I very seldom write letters on paper, I greatly value to ones I receive. They seem to have much more permanence and personal meaning than email!

    Glad you posted on this topic!

  5. WillowGrace says:

    I’ve been coveting those antique typewriters for a long time. To me, they symbolize romance…novelists writing their heartfelt stories; lovers separated by war; journalists frantically pounding at the keys to tell the stories of others.

  6. Hanna says:

    It’s just so beautiful. Now I know where you sit and type those little letters on transparent paper. I love them and have them up on my inspiration board.

    Beautiful workplace!

  7. the music the keyboard gives, the dance of the fingers…

  8. wendy from New Zealand says:

    There is nothing so special as going to your letterbox and finding a letter from a special friend, to be able to sit in your comfy chair with a cup of coffee and lose yourself amongst the pages and words of a letter, to feel the paper, to catch a whiff of perfume, to take it out, and reread it again and again, to touch to feel, these are the real letters and as quick and easy as email is nothing replaces the real thing!!
    I hope letterwriting is never lost and by you preserving that lovely old typewriter you are keeping the past alive….one question can you still buy the ribbons for them?? that is the problem here, once they are gone they are no more…….

  9. Remco says:

    Today I bought a Torpedo Solitaire that was build in the ’50s. It looks a bit more streamlined then yours. I’m very exited to find it in working order and look for things to type on it all the time! Old machines are great fun!

    I found your blog with google, there is not very much on my type of Torpedo, however I did find that this model became famous, because Mss. Hanne Friess won the 1st “World Speed Writing Contest” in Monte Carlo 1955 with a TORPEDO-SOLITAIRE typewriter.

    Oh Joy!

  10. Antonio says:

    I was lucky and happy to get for free!!!!a Torpedo typewriter from the 50’s and more lucky to buy a ribbon that would perfectly work for this beautiful piece of antique art machine” Hopefully, I will eventually write some letters to my relatives and friends!!!!!!!!

  11. Hi all, dont know any thing about my typewriter,i went to the shed this after noon to start cleaning it up, and i spotted this old typewriter on the floor, looking very dirty, the sun was shining so i used the excuse to clean the old typewriter so as to sit in the sun and enjoy it, and at the same clean it up, starting with the keys working my way around it, i notice some writing on it and i think a date and make, so if there is any body out there that could help me, a big thanks is in order. 1929 5 Torpedo Buro Maschine Werke AG WOULD SEND A PHOTO IF I COULD, Thanks again Denis.

  12. And we still have fresh ribbons for those vintage typewriters !
    Ask me for the ribbon you need.

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