Finally, after more than one year!

Ta-da-da-da, here comes my star-quilt! I’m very satisfied, it has become exactly what I wanted – an object of both functional value and beauty. I enjoy the result – and so does our cat, Nala!

It has been taken quite some hours of course – as it’s all sewed by hand. This procedure has some great advantages though: you can bring your needlework along, into the garden, to visit a friend etc. what you can’t do if it’s machine-made and the hand-making ads an authentic dimension to your work. Besides stitching is a most relaxing contemplative and meditative occupation, I can clearly recommend it, think I’ve become a real sew-by-hand-addict…

Anyway, I started this more than one year ago ( haven’t been sewing all the time of course) inspired by a library book with photos of old, American quilts. Some of them were very worn and shabby but still so beautiful and rich in colour texture and pattern; I fell in love with many of them.

Then one day I was in need for a new project, I made my mind up for the star. At that time I had brought back the book to the library long ago, so I had to make the pattern from memory. Luckily it was quite simple as I could recall/reconstruct the main principles of the octagon star. I realized then how much fabric I actually had on my shelves; not big pieces but small bits and pieces and left over – in al my favourite colours – all sort of pale and faded shades of white and pastel blue and red, just perfect for patchwork.

I decided to simply jump into it and see what would happen then. In fact that’s often how things work out for me. I start with an idea – but I don’t plan it all the way through. The advantage of this method is, that you are more open to the influence of the moment. The problem is you can suddenly have structural problems or problems like running out of a specific colour etc. However, I knew this couldn’t fail because it was a step-by-step project. If I only managed to sew one single section or two it could end up as a pillow or a decoration for my bag, and if it was easy going I could choose to go on and make it into a quilt – and gradually it did grow into a quilt!

As I had chosen to work with environmental questions in relation to textiles and as re-design/ recycling and “creating new from old” was the headlines for the practical part of my needlecraft exam last week, I decided to finish my star-quilt-project and let it be part of the practical part I was in a hurry right up to the exam so to be honest the quilt wasn’t 100 finished, two of the corners were kept together with pins – but I think no one noticed at the exhibition. And now I’ve completed these last few details I’ll like to show you.


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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3 Responses to Finally, after more than one year!

  1. Audrey says:

    Your quilt is gorgeous and I loved reading your process of creating it.

  2. arvindh says:

    Fantastic quilt!

  3. Erika Tysse says:

    Fantastisk! Jeg er litt sjalu – jeg har begynt en selv men det passet ikke saa fint samme til slutt. Mangler litt taalmodiget! Takk for emailen jeg fikk for lenge siden. Er opptatt med aa gjore meg klar til ferien saa jeg har ikke hatt saa mye tid aa skrive. Jeg sjekker inn igjen snart. Forresten, skal du til den art money utstillingen i Kbn?

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