Friday was a busy, pleasant and joyful day. First I joined Emilie to her school to celebrate end-of-term. As she is at Sydskolen, a Waldorf School,  it meant a goodbye to her class teacher during 8 years, also some of her classmates leave for other schools. When school starts again after the holidays she will have a new set of subject teachers and new pupils will join the class. This change fills her with both expectation as well as a slight touch of melancholy.

In the afternoon Emilie went off for a couple of days with her cello-ensemble and their teacher to Langeland to exercise and spend a pleasant time together, while Anna Sofie, my father and I went to the celebration of my graduation form the teacher-training college. More than 300 new teachers graduated, and it was also a both festive and somewhat solemn ceremony; 3 hours with music, speeches, presentation of our certificates, a little refreshment: wine, strawberries etc. Unfortunately I forgot to join my class to the photo-session to make the official photo because at that time I was involved in an interesting discussion and I’m afraid it’s typical for me to forget the programme is going on. Anyway, never mind… I’ve got a few photos of my own from the afternoon, and to me an official photo is not that important.

In the evening I went with my family to Djursland to celebrate Midsummer days Evening. In Denmark we traditionally make a big bonfire with a “witch” on top, and someone makes a speech usually saying something about this time of year where the light, the nature and the power of nature culminates. The sun, the light is at its height and we have a special possibility to transform whatever we wish to transform in our selves; it seems that forces of nature as well as forces of the universe support this transformation. The people I’m among often like to write down what they want to get rid of, and then throw their bits of paper into the fire… I like the ritual; it makes me reflect on my life. It’s so easy to forget we all have the responsibility for our own lives. It’s so easy to throw guilt on somebody or something else when life doesn’t turn out the way we want it to. Life is what you make it into, and what you think about it.


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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