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The Vikings are here!

Went to visit the Viking Moot at Moesgård today. It’s an annual event taking place the last weekend in July to celebrate the day of St. Olaf. In Århus in the Middle Ages and in the Viking Age this day … Continue reading

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The task is completed, what a pleasant feeling! And here they are: every single art-money is a small but original collage signed with serial number, year of production, my name and signature, and BIAM web address: on the backside. … Continue reading

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Next step

Today and yesterday I have been working all day on my art-money-project. Although I usually love working outdoor at my terrace, I’ve chosen to stay inside the house where the temperature has been reasonable! Not until late afternoon did I … Continue reading

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Recycled stuff

I´ve decided the motto for my next projects willl bee: first thing´s first, and as I´m going to partipate in an exhibition of art-money in Copenhagen in August, and as the deadline for sending my 50 pieces is 1. August, … Continue reading

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There and back again

Back home again after intensive days in Stockholm with lots of impressions we’ve spend the last two days unpacking, relaxing, catching up on things and simply digesting what we’ve experienced so far. My mind is almost running amok with ideas … Continue reading

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Yesterday we saw MACBETH at Dramaten. And before attending the evenings play:Sheakspeare´s Mac Beth, we joined a guided tour backstage. It was very interesting to actually stand at the stage, and yes, I can confirm: the floor is really sloping! … Continue reading

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A wonderful open-air museum/miniature Sweden situated in a large park with old houses showing how different people from farmers to aristocrats lived and worked during different areas. Skansen also have a fine zoo featuring northern animals. A nice place to … Continue reading

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A nice lake only 5 minutes away…

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It´s summer in Stockholm – but it could liokely be in Italy as well. Temperature is above 30°C. Our favorite whereabouts are in the shaddow, in some airconditioned museum, in the underground/T-bahn, on the water or in the water…  

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Yesterday we spend the evening in Gröna Lund after a short visit at the Vasa Museum. We were simply sucked in by t the sounds, the smells and the whole atmosphere. Our feet litterally directed us to the entrance and … Continue reading

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