Reached Swedish ground, at Varberg, early Monday morning after a nice sail. Shaped our course direct North East for Stockholm – a 500 kilometer long and warm (!) ride; it´s summer in Sweden and we had to make some proper pauses to simply cool down.

One of the aspects we love about Sweden is the nature and the beautifull landscape where rocks come directly up of the ground and the threes and the forrests are huge; you can simply feel there is much more space for everybody here, and of course there is: compared to little tiny Denmark where we are 5.3 million people at 43,000 square kilometers – whereas in Sweden 8.9 million people live in 450,000 squarekilometers – that´s ten times as much land without being 10 times as many to share the ground.

We went through this lovely landscape with woods and lakes, rocks and lots of what I think of as “typical” Swedish red or yellow wodden houses and farmes. The road was execcelent all the way and I even think most Swedish drivers represent a more civilized traffic culture than in Denmark, I must admit…

Anyway, late in the afternoon we entered the Stockholm area, found the house and went straight in to meet Jum-Jum (the rabbit of our exchange-family) and to have a look at our “new home”.

It´s a most pleasent place with everything we need. We even realized a near-by-lake within ten minutes walk, so of course we rushed down to have a swim before unpacking and installing ourselves…

Tell me my heart, what more do you wish?


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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