Next step

Today and yesterday I have been working all day on my art-money-project. Although I usually love working outdoor at my terrace, I’ve chosen to stay inside the house where the temperature has been reasonable! Not until late afternoon did I go to the seaside to swim! It takes only ten minutes on bike to the sea from here – and at least fifteen or twenty minutes to return, as it’s uphill all the way…

Anyway, high summer heatwave or not: I’m more than half-way with the project now and I´m working very efficiently. Both kids are at their Grandma´s; it leaves me here in my studio working, drinking coffee, listening to the sound of silence and enjoying my own company. I´m comfortably in flow and I’m quite satisfied with the result of my efford so far.

You saw the initial step last week: the basic-pieces I made out of recycled card. Next step has been to glue and sew different bits of faded cloth on each piece of cardboard, to create a background and transfer this feeling of “summer, holiday and plenty of time” into every single piece. I love the atmosphere (who doesn´t) of summer: everything is faded and dry by the sun, when you hang out the laundry it dries within an hour, your hair turn light, your skin tastes of salt of the sea, you find you´ve got sand between your toes, in your clothes and even in your hair after an afternoon at the beach.

That atmosphere I would like to illustrate …and when I returned from Samsø, I went through the content of all my containers and suitcases to find appropriate “stuff and scrap”. I recovered some old postcards in an album I bought long time ago, so long actually I’d forgotten everything about it. What a luck! I realised these postcards would be a perfect interpretation of the idea of both recycling and summer. When I bought them in the first place my intention was to use the front, the picture side, but now I prefer the written side as they all have such beautiful handwritings.

Next step: I add the postcards using a new tool bought in Stockholm: a punch plier and some eyelets. It’s really great equipment for joining materials together! My only regret is that I didn’t buy a larger amount of eyelets at once; I can feel this is going to be a favourite item.


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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3 Responses to Next step

  1. I love that you are recycling to create your art money. I have often thought of accquiring materials from stores who throw away so much paper, card etc. Good for you! You have found a way to use this discarded cardboard. Your blog is a great reflection of Swedish life. It is an inspiration to me to post something more reflective of where I live in Canada on my own blog. tc, cassandra

  2. Anke says:

    Oh, how fun is that, recycling art! Beautiful memory keepers! Lovely!

  3. mereteveian says:

    “The sound of silence” – gotta love thet tune from simon&garfunkle… and that silent sound while working in the studio.

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