Creative roots

Where does it all come from – your creative roots? Is it in the genes of your family? Well, I don’t know but my grandmother was educated tailor and has been sewing all her life. Did she need to cheer up she put herself in front of her faithful Pfaff to “sew something” – it always helped. She was in love with fabric and had piles of it stored in her cupboards. Sometimes it was driving her family mad. They didn’t understand why she absolutely had to buy more stuff – when she already had a lot at home! However, in the respectable age of 88 she still wears her own self-made dresses, not a bad perspective when thinking about it…

My other grandmother did all the knitting. The stream of beautiful sweaters from her hands has been almost endless. I still remember some of mine, especially a favourite one in a delicate green and white pattern I had when I was 8. Now we have all sorts of materials for sweaters: fleece etc. that dries quickly and is easy washable but in my childhood I remember woollen sweaters were very common – and highly valued.

Both my parents have always been very creative people too: My father is the free spirit who always invents his own solutions and ways. He often brings up new perspectives to the matter – where my mother is the one who likes to have a recipe – at least as a starting point.

I guess I’m a mixture of all that, but I also like the idea that every person is unique in his or hers own universe. Who knows where do all our talents, interests, preferences and inclinations really come from?

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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13 Responses to Creative roots

  1. Linda says:

    Not only are the ATC’s fabulous!! love the use of fabric and paper a lot!! but love the story of your family!! a lot like mine except it was my mom who knit and taught us how to and how to sew,darn socks!! and all the fun things I enjoy so much now!! thanks so much for sharing!! wish I was near my grandparents as I grew up but they and my uncles and aunts were in Germany!!(aunts and uncles still are grandparents have since died) but still love all the artful things I learned!!

  2. Lilie says:

    A very interesting read! 🙂

  3. Maija says:

    I adore what you made! how big are they? Are they all fabric?

  4. Lelainia says:

    These are wonderous. I am just stunned by your ability with texture. I also like how you write-I think we have alot in common. Would it be okay to link you to my blog?

  5. Anke says:

    What a great post and I love your cards above! Beautiful, are those family pictures? I jsut scanned my grandmas old pictures yesterday, plan on doing something with them. Thanks for sharing your roots!

  6. they way you put these together, the layout would be perfect in a big frame just like this, what fantastic images and design you have created!

  7. Ellen says:

    These collages are absolutely stunning! I love the way you responded to this challenge. I can see that your holiday has been very good for you, your creativity, your work!

  8. Cris says:

    These are fabulous….and fabric!!! What a wonderful first effort. I am totally in love with your art and writing!

  9. Love what you are doing here — espeically the love heart collage…wonderful work!

  10. Lisa Cook says:

    These are wonderful! I really love the use of white space, the graphic appeal of the lettering, and then the touch of red. They all look so interesting together in a group. I enjoyed hearing about your grandmother and her fabric obsession. It is good to know that those of us who “have to buy more stuff” are not alone. My mother is 78 and still is the same way!!


  11. debra says:

    Your ATCs are gorgeous! Love the white background and texture. Thanks for sharing the wonderful story of your family. It is always interesting to me to learn where an artist gets her creative passion. Thank God for families who value and encourage creativity!

  12. Love your ATCs! The fabric just makes them sing!!!

  13. kristin says:

    toutes ces cartes dégagent une poésie ! beaucoup de créativité !

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