A demand for two Sundays a week…

Where does the time go? It´s more than a week since I’ve posted anything… so let me try to catch up on my recent creative endeavours.

First of all I’m working with my collages for the Vilnius exhibition. They take a lot of time and I wish I could be more focused and efficient – but starting my new teaching job has taken a great amount of energy (still does), so it hasn’t been possible to “do” more. That’s the reason I find weekends so precious – they are my sacred time, my much-needed-time for dealing with creativity. I’m getting almost desperate if anything gets in my way when it’s weekend. Of course I’m also working in my studio during the week, usually a couple of hours a day, but I really wish, I had more time!

The opening of the collage exhibition has been moved, it´s now scheduled to be on the 5. December, the same day as the Artists` Books exhibition. This is in my favour: actually it would have been impossible for me to go to Lithuania twice. The only disadvantage is that it’s getting more difficult now to persuade my colleagues to join me; most people are so very busy and occupied in December, but we’ll see…

Next weekend you can come and see for yourself what I´m doing. I´m going to participate in a big project called “Open Studios”, where 148 professional artists from Århus´ County open their doors to the public Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. All interested are invited: art clubs, firms, institutions and private persons. Hope to see a lot of people here at my place – for a cup of coffee and a great discussion about art…

You can find lists and maps over all artists here at www.kunstiostjylland.dk

!9.- 22. October I send my art-money to a local art fair for charity arranged by Rotary. After the art fair the art-money are exhibied in Gallery Jarsbo in Århus till 15. November.

Finally I’m planning an Artists Books workshop at Samsø in the last weekend in October. I had a small exhibition at the local library some months ago and was asked to make a class. Tomorrow I’m going to write a letter of introduction to the participants, so they can start to think of the materials and ideas they want to bring along.

You probably understand why I’d like to have Mondays transformed into Sundays. Two Sundays a week! Not a bad idea…


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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3 Responses to A demand for two Sundays a week…

  1. Pamela says:

    Comfortable looking work area you have there!

  2. Ellen says:

    Oh, my goodness, how I wish I could come to Open Studios…..to meet you, see your work up close and in person!

    It sounds like your life is so very busy and exciting! And I can very much relate to the desire for a much longer weekend…….more hours for doing the things we love so much.

    PS: I love the previous post and photo of you working outdoors. What a lovely spot.

  3. maura says:

    hello, no understand english, no speak, but your site is wonderful. I loved squares loved crochet

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