Workshop and craft fair

This weekend I’ve teached a class on “Artists´ Books” at Samsø´s Library. A group of very enthusiastic women had shown up and got a proper introduction to the whole concept of altered books + various ideas for making ones own BOOKS from the ground. It all went in a nice, inspired and helpful atmosphere; most of the ladies seemed to be skilled craftsmen and picked up ideas and instructions very easily. Finally we agreed on a “follow-up-session” – in the middle of January – to see how far everyone has got and to set up a small exhibition at the library to expose the results of the efforts. Unfortunately I can’t show you any photos now as I managed to arrive to Samsø with a camera with no memory card…

Today I went to a local craft fair marked, just to see “what’s up” at the moment. I both saw a lot of uninterresting and a lot of nice stuff; my favourites were these modern chandeliers and these knitted and felted skirts, scarfs and bags.

And now I´ll spend the rest of the day in my studio and mind my own business: working on 10 little quadratic collages (20×20 cm) for a collaborative  exhibition at Gallery Art Expo next weekend.

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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