Carpe Diem

What I’ve been doing these last days? Well, saying goodbye it seems. My beloved grandmother passed away last Sunday at the noble age of 93.

My grandma was an old lady – physically she wasn’t well in her last years and she definitely didn’t hear well – but her mind was clear and bright till the very end. Her death was neither unexpected or a deep unfairness – but still – to say goodbye for good – is an action filled with both sadness and melancholy. A chapter in the family record and in your own life-story is closed forever!

My grandma represents a lot of good memories – especially from my childhood and early youth and in my mind she’s not totally gone: I like to think that she’s watching over us from somewhere above. However, her passing away reminds me, we’ll all be gone one day: so let’s use the time we are here the best we can and give away so much love and energy as possible, for life is a wonder above wonders. Carpe Diem!


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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4 Responses to Carpe Diem

  1. erika says:

    My condolences to you and yours. I,too, have a dear grandma aged 87. She is currently in good health and I could never be prepared for her passing. Having been around my entire life, I couldn’t imagine not having her here anymore. I agree with your last statement, live your life to the fullest!

    Regarding the exchange, I posted my norsk adresse on the group site. You can send my gift here. I will get it before I leave for the US and promise to wait to open it! Cheers! Erika

  2. Lelainia says:

    OH Hanne, I am so sorry. I know how precious grandparents are and how much you will miss them when they are gone. They are special because they love you just because. I send you hugs and comfort at this sad time.

  3. Anke says:

    My thought are with you and your family. It’s always hard to loose a close family member.

  4. irisz says:

    i really love these old pictures, they have a great mood.

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