12 days of X-mas

Although I absolutely dislike when the shops start to put up their Christmas decorations and stuff while we’re only in the middle of autumn, I must admit: December is coming closer and so are all my own doings and preparations for Christmas. (Please, don´t misunderstand my statement. I actually love December and Christmas – only not in October…)

Anyway, the first step of no return is taken and here is the result: A basket full of gifts ready to get in the sleigh for a “12-Days-of Xmas-swap” set up on initiative of Lelainia, a Canadian mixed-media-colleague.

She has organized a bunch of mixed-media-fanatics in groups of 12.or 13. Each person makes 12 more or less identical gifts and sends it to the other participants. The idea is that every person ends up with a pile of 12 gifts – to be unpacked, one a day, for the last 12 days before Christmas! My task was to do the gifts for group 2, day # 8. And as you see I managed to make it and mail it before deadline. It’s a bit early you might think, but we agreed to send it now, so no parcels will be stuck at some busy foreign mail office.

Right now my parcels are on their way to USA, Canada, New Zealand Australia and Norway and the first two parcels for me have arrived here in Malling. They look so very tempting but I’ll try to behave myself and not sneak peek. And sorry, but you have to stay curious too about what’s in my gifts. I can’t reveal the content here as some of the receivers might watch…

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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2 Responses to 12 days of X-mas

  1. Lelainia says:

    🙂 Lelainia-I know it’s confusing!

    NO PEEKING!! *hee hee!*

  2. erika says:

    Fikk en beskjed fra mamma at pakken din har ankommet USA. Hun sa at den så litt “foreign” ut, og at det var kanskje fra et land som startet med “d”. Tusen takk! Gleder meg!

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