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New Year

I wish you a year full of light, creativity, inspiration, communication, grace, enthusiasm, flexibility, delight, willingness, spontaneity, courage, compassion, forgiveness, openness, freedom, adventure, tenderness, patience, balance, peace, purification, honesty, synthesis, transformation, obedience, clarity, strength, brotherhood, sisterhood, humour, healing, joy, power, harmony, … Continue reading

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Drinking coffee & reading books

Reading, writing, talking, drinking coffee, “doing” as little as possible, but walking, even taking a quick! dip (not fair to call it “a swim”) in the sea (water’s still 7 Celsius degrees). Reflecting on the past year – and the upcoming. What … Continue reading

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Tonight’s the night…

I wish you all a Merry Christmas  with this photo of the abundance of candle lights in a church in Vilnius. I went to service there one Sunday in the beginning of December.  The Church of the Holy Spirit´s  Russian Orthodox so it … Continue reading

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3.rd Sunday in Advent

I I love to create items for Christmas – like this pendent advent wreath. The recipe´s very simple: you take a verdigrised copper wire and bend it into the shape of a large ring. Then make four holders – also out of verdigrised copper, … Continue reading

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Books – books -books

The Artists´ Books Triennial is the biggest of the three exhibitions.  After tree triennials with more or less Christian themes such as “8 Days” in 1997 (dealing with the idea that God created the world in 7 days – and we … Continue reading

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365 Collages

Here are some photos from my exhibition – 365 collages – one for every day of the year. My idea has been to make a sort of visual journal or record – one year of my life – in of photos, … Continue reading

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One week in Vilnius

Here I am – back home again – after one great (!) week in Vilnius. It’s been a marvellous week and mostly spend in Gallery Arka, the biggest gallery of the city where I’m in good company: my personal exhibition is surrounded … Continue reading

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See You in Vilnius! Tomorrow! (Photo from my visit last year in November/December…)

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