Time for creativity

Although I made a few test prints on fabric yesterday for my design class, it seems I’m more in the writing and thinking business than in the actual creation of art these days.

Last weekend I was writing on an article for a new magazine, Somerset Life, that’s going to be released in April. One of the stories is dealing with the impact and interest in blogs within the art community. My blog, Heaven & Earth, will be featured together with Corey Amaro´s Tongue in Cheek and Michelle Ward´s blogs. Try to ask me if I feel I’m in good company!

Today starts the winter holydays; Got sei dank!!! We all need a break and to spend some time in our own rhythm and with our own projects. Daily life is timed so strictly, we are sort of always on the run and its hard work to find sufficient time for family and friends! I´l look forward to pay some visits within the next days, bake some nice rolls, lay on the couch reading the newspaper from one end to the other, take a long walk, and stay in my studio from early morning till above midnight as I please!

What’s in your mind for the holidays?


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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  1. Congratulations Hanne!

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