Recycled covers

Today I designed this file cover – a simple redesign project made out of recycled materials.       


I’m always in search for ways to organize my papers, patterns, photos, sketches and notes; otherwise they end up in huge piles on my desk! Recently I inherited a bunch of old cardboard covers and I decided they could be excellent files for all my paper stuff although they certainly needed some customizing. Clear blue and red cardboard covers might be very practical but not very appealing to your sense of aesthetics, so I decided to wrap it all up in old fabric.

I have a lot of bits and pieces really too small for proper projects – but still too nice to throw away. So I made a design, glued the fabric directly on the cardboard and sewed a row of zigzag stitches around every single piece of cloth. (To get the entire cover into the sewing machine was the most tricky part of the process, but with a little patience it’s absolutely possible). Finally I added a pocket on the inside of the cover for postcards and small items. So here it is: my new and very personal file.

It´s now going to contain one of my collections of inspirational stuff, but since I have still piles on the desk I think I´ll  make more covers.


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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8 Responses to Recycled covers

  1. tagurity says:

    beautiful!!! i have the same problem with my scraps (too small for any large projects – too great to toss)! Did you hand sew those?

  2. lyn says:

    Absolutely gorgeous.
    I love it.
    : )

  3. Maija says:

    Beautiful and brilliant!!!

  4. bethany says:

    I am inspired. I am definitely going to have to try this.
    Whimsical and practical. What a great combo.

  5. ingrid says:

    still lovely colours put together!

  6. What a most fabulous idea!! They look great and I love the idea of using up all the scraps of wonderfulness somewhere!
    🙂 Abbie

  7. SO marvelous Hanna!!

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