Boywatcing at Aros


A Saturday trip to Aros and Ron Mueck´s “Boy”. The sculpture is incredibly realistic, absolutely worth a visit. So are the videos made by Bill Viola and Pipilotti Rist. Actually the whole museum is a nice place to spend a half an afternoon – although the café is a terribly expensive place to take your tea!

After our “boy watching” we went on to the cinema to see “The Painted Veil”. A love story set up in the most divinely beautiful Chinese scenery and landscape.

And then it was back home and directly into the studio to work with my art money project. Deadline for arrival is 22.nd March so I hope it is ready to send off at the end of the weekend…


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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3 Responses to Boywatcing at Aros

  1. rebecca says:

    It is a wonderful museum – my brother lives near Vejle and we spent a day at AROS last time we were visiting.

    Really enjoy your blog and the glimpses of Danish life!

  2. erika says:

    Fantastiske bilder!

  3. feli says:

    Owh my… first glance I thought it was a boy squatting down by the pool then I scrolled down a little bit and realise that he is a sculpture!! Fantastic. :*)

    BTW I came via Whipup. :*)

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