Dream away…

Of course I took Emilie and Anna Sofie along to Copenhagen. It’s Easter holydays = no school this week.

The girls went shopping while I went to my meeting at Olivia’s where I was welcomed with a nice cup of coffee in the cosy office of the editor in chief and her associate; both women at my age and both trained needle crafters. It was a pleasant meeting – and not surprisingly we have a lot of opinions and points of views in common and that was great to experience as it’s essential for a long time working relation like this.

First step now is me writing a complete table of contents. Then the economy department will do their calculations to see whether they believe in the project too. I hope they will – but of course one never knows what calculators are up to…

Anyway, after the meeting I went out to have lunch with my daughters and to spend the rest of the day walking the streets doing a little sightseeing.

Yul Anderson and his tattered, white piano here was one of the sights or rather – sounds – that got us. In the middle of the street with people walking in all directions there he sat, a rock of peace, playing his meditations right into the air.

And what this big black man did to our sense of hearing with his music – the smells and views inside Couronne de Liege in Ny Adelgade, did to all other senses.

I have visited the place before; it’s definitely the most extraordinary and exclusive flower shop and gallery I know, a fascinating world of extravagant beauty, surprisingly rough solutions, textures, colours, shapes and scents. The place is created by Tage Andersen, who creates these tableaux/set ups with flowers, heavy velvet, oversize candelabras, exotic birds, rusty iron baskets and zinc vases – the result is a mixture between Tolkien´s Rivendell and Alice in Wonderland.

Please, go and see for yourself when you visit Copenhagen.


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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2 Responses to Dream away…

  1. Gypsy Purple says:

    Have a great and blessed Easter

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