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This week really has been a slowed down, inefficient one. I have had (still have) the feeling I’m walking and walking but almost not getting anywhere… My mind has been (still is) somewhat slow and filled with snot (sic!). I even cancelled a couple of schooldays as my voice was totally off! Literally spoken I had nothing to say…

But at least I’ve been able to read a little – or rather to flicker some of my new books and magazines as for instance this delicious and inspiring knitting & crotchet magazine from Rowan.

I had seen it in at “Inger´s”, my absolute favourite yarn shop here in Århus, twice before, and right before Easter I went to look for third time – and I had to take it home! Even though I know I´m not going to knit any of these wonderfull cardigans – all my crafting time is reserved for my stitching vintage fabric project at the moment – but at least I can dream and enjoy the images, maybe even get some ideas how I’d like to see my own stuff styled – when that time comes…

By the way I was nominated for a  Thinking-blogger-award yesterday by Tattered Edge (Thank you, Lelainia.  for your kind words!!!) and within the next days I have to pass on this nomination and pick 5 favourite blogs. So look out there friends and fellow bloggers!


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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