Recycled newspaper….

Look carefully: little sprouts are appearing in these homemade recycled paper jiffy pots.  

I made the pots last week by wrapping some newspaper around this “thing”. I really don’t know what it’s called in English – it’s not to find in my dictionary. However, it’s a kitchen tool – a zinc cylinder with a hole in the bottom and a wooden part that fit’s into the cylinder. Traditionally used for making balls or dumplings for the soup – and to form dough into vanilla cookies. Now it’s even a gardener’s tool!

Anyway, this is what I did: I wrapped the paper around, sprinkled the paper with water, squeezed it a little, removed the “thing” – and voila: a nice little jiffy pot for pre-sprouting made out of 100 % recycled materials! 

And one day when your pre-sprouted plants are ready to set out, you just dig a whole in the soil and place your plant, the jiffy pot included. Don’t bother to remove the pot – the paper will soon disintegrate and vanish in the soil.

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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7 Responses to Recycled newspaper….

  1. donyale says:

    Excellent Idea – thanks for sharing – now I have to find a suitable replacement for the ‘dumpling making thing’…..

  2. Lelainia says:

    Hi Hanne, I sent you a Yahoo invite for a project I am hosting. I hope you got it. If not, let me know and I can resend it!

  3. Patricia says:

    I think the “thing” is called a “cookie press” in English. My family used one to make spritz cookies at Christmastime–and I see them all the time at thrift stores and resale shops in the US. I just want to say, your blog is so inspiring and beautiful!

  4. alex shur says:

    Great idea! How do the bottoms hold together? Very cool indeed.

  5. Great idea. I will use it in my Blue Garden ( next year.

  6. Marcia says:

    What an inventive idea! It saves the seedlings from the stress of replanting and you don’t have to save tin cans all winter.

  7. Bettina says:


    I actually have one I bought for this specific use – it is called a “paper potter” and it can be googled – and found in some online Danish garden shops.

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