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No rose – without a thorn

 “Life is not a bed of roses”.  Old proverb. Translated into Danish it goes “Livet er ikke en dans på roser” which is more like “Life is not a dance on roses”.  However: I´d love to contradict and state: Life is … Continue reading

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I’ve often seen bloggers using the expression “zakka” and wondered about the meaning. What´s zakka? Today I discovered “zakka” has even become the August theme at whiplash  . Here I also found the definition according to Wikipedia: Zakka (from the Japanese … Continue reading

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Working my ass out of my pants

Don’t know why but deadlines often seem to attract each other. A lot of stuff wants to be done just NOW. Guess that’s the price for going to Paris and visiting my family a great part of July… and reading … Continue reading

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