London´s calling…

Now it’s for real: Anna Sofie has gone to London to take a foundation class of Art & Design at Blake College.

We first had a little trouble to find her a nice place to live, but that’s settled now; she’s going to share a flat with two other young girls, neighbours to some friends of some friends.

I have just been with Anna Sofie in London a few days in order to see the place, meet the flatmates and talk to the headmaster of the college. Now I feel good about everything and can relax a little. I’m happy to know my daughter’s in good company and has people around who’ll keep an eye on her.

It has been a terribly emotional summer though, with lots of ups and downs. Imagine – not only does your firstborn leave the nest – she’s even going abroad! Luckily she seems very confident and self-assured about it all. She definitely looks forward to try out standing at her own two feet.

To be blessed with an optimistic outlook is a true privilege. And her time will come soon: Term starts the 17. September at her birthday!


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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4 Responses to London´s calling…

  1. Good Luck to your Anna. I hope each step is one of joy and comfort to you as she journeys onward. I share your feelings, firstborn and the first to leave the nest. tell me do your eyes well up with tears when you think about the nest? Mine do!

  2. Good luck to Anna.
    It is hard to send the kids away, our oldest one went to USA for a year when he was 17. Now he is 25 and has soon finished 2 years in Australia.

  3. alexshur says:

    Congratulations Anna Sofie! What a remarkable journey to begin. And for her Mama too! 🙂

  4. Bryndis says:

    Det glæder mig at det går godt nu. Jeg var ved at blive bekymret fordi jeg ikke har hört ellert set noget så længe. Til lykke Anna Sofie med din beslutning, den beslutning ligner lidt din mor.

    Bryndís på Island

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