A time for considering

Surely my life is in a phase of renewal and change. A lot of things have come to an end and I feel this yearning inside to rediscover, reconsider and reorganize my work, family, possibilities, idéas, everything…

I have cut down parts of my job as a teacher in order to hit a less stressing level. Fewer hours at school means less income of course, but at present I need time to consider, dream and plan some alternative – but definitely more creative ways – to live my life and get myself an income!

Book-wise I’m almost done now and that too inevitably keeps the question “what’s next” popping up in my mind.

Meanwhile I clean the house, try to find my studio table under piles of fabric, paper, books and stuff, and otherwise catch up on things and projects that have been hibernating during the last months…

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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4 Responses to A time for considering

  1. lycka till med ditt “nya liv”!

  2. Nancy in Northern California says:

    I love this “in between” time because everything is possible!

  3. Lotte says:

    Hej Hanne.
    Jeg har lige fundet din blog…JUBII…og nyder hver en post på din side…
    Jeg sidder nu fuld af inspiration og kan kun sige at jeg kommer tilbage og tilbage igen igen… ;D
    Du inspirere mig endda til at se og få ryddet ud i mit eget kaos af ting og sager…det i sig selv giver så meget ny energi.
    Kram fra Lotte

  4. Hei Hanne.

    Jeg blir 50 neste år, og har mange av de samme tankene som du har. Jeg har ikke redusert jobben min – enda, men er inne på tanken nesten daglig. det er noen andre ting jeg gjerne skulle fått på plass først.

    Min første bok kommer forresten i november 🙂

    Lykke til.

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