Sunday in Copenhagen

Lunch and talk at Café Thé à la Menthe, coffeee, cakes and more talk at Norden. Exhibitions – and discussions – at Møstings House, Hofteatret, and Gl. Strand.

Tjekking out and commenting on “my” window at Politikens Boghandel, Rådhuspladsen.

Ripping posters and stickers and collecting street junk and scrap (for upcoming Artists´ Books about Copenhagen – will show you the results later) and finally an excellent dinner at Gulla´s place before Lis and I returned home with a late – and delayed – train. I was not in my bed until 4.30 in the morning/night. I still feel sort of tired – but also full of new impressions and energy!

Yes and now I haven´t even told you about my Saturday witch was equally inspiring: A one day workshop here in Århus with Katarina Brieditis & Katarina Evans, the two crafters and designers who came up with the ideas for Do-redo/ How-to-butcher-a-woollen-sweater. It was a marvellous, high-energy workshop and I´m loaded with ideas and designs I hope to find time to carry out – and tell more about – later.

(NB. notice the pale blue woollen thing I´m wearing around my neck at the Cafe photo – it´s made at the workshop – a real favourite piece, I can tell already).


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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