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A quilted pillow

This weekend I have been connected with my pc for h-o-u-r-s (!) writing catalogue texts for Silkeborg and Korea, and still I’m not finished. Especially the interview questions for Korea take a lot of thinking. I find it really exacting … Continue reading

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At the library

Today I’ve spend half the afternoon arranging quilts and stuff in glass exhibition cases. On occasion of the publication of my book – and the fact that it is now available at the library – I have been invited to show … Continue reading

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My daughter – the actress

  Two major parts in one week: Tuesday she turned 16. Tonight she performs at her school as Mary Kelly in From Hell, a play speculating upon the identity and motives of Jack the Ripper once in Victorian London. It’s … Continue reading

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Patchwork design

At the moment I work hard to finish a new patchwork project. I have agreed with Hendes Verden, a Danish magazine, to design a quilt + a couple of pillows and to write additional tutorials for their spring issue featuring patchwork. … Continue reading

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10 x 10

The postman knocked at my door very early this morning – I was still in my bed with the newspaper! But I rose as a rocket, almost stumbled over my feet, and flinged open the door just in time to … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Yesterday I suddenly found a bunch of postcards once bought at a summer holiday to Konstnärsbyn i Rydöbruk in Sweden. So here you are: An idyllic Lilliput winter landscape, perfect for writing my last last-minute Happy Holiday greetings.

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