Patchwork design

At the moment I work hard to finish a new patchwork project.

I have agreed with Hendes Verden, a Danish magazine, to design a quilt + a couple of pillows and to write additional tutorials for their spring issue featuring patchwork. I still have one month till deadline, but time is passing by at a terrible speed…

I wish I could stay in my studio all day. Every day! I have at least 100 ideas and art projects to care about, and I never feel I have sufficient time to really get down into the substance – to the core of the subject. It’s a bit frustrating to be honest.

How do you guys manage to create time during the day?

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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5 Responses to Patchwork design

  1. lyn says:

    I avoid the housework.
    : )
    That patchwork looks like it’s going to be gorgeous.

  2. Nancy from Northern California says:

    I schedule an appointment on my calendar for ME just like I would for a doctor’s appointment. I block out 3 hours at least and it really seems to work! I lower the sound of the ringer on my telephone so I can not hear any calls but people can still leave a message which I can return later. And like the first person who commented, I have learned that I would rather be involved in art than the best housekeeper on my street so I do the basics! It took awhile to not feel guilty about doing this but now I feel I am a nicer person to be around because I am happier knowing I have time to create on a regular basis each week!

  3. Hanne says:

    For the last 4 years i have had one day a week work-free, which gives me time and another pace for at least one day. Besides that I also skip the housework, only work part-time, allthough the money of course are less, allways “do” something when I am watching TV and I TRY not to spend too much time checking blogs, mail, phone etc.

  4. Sara Lechner says:

    I can better say how I dilapidate time!! computer, computer and more computer. So, where am I now? You gave me the courage of stand up and go, NOW!!!!

  5. Flott bilde. Er dette noe du har arvet? Jeg tror vi kaller det hakking i Norge?????

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