Winter holyday

This week is our winter holyday. It’s absolutely needed that we don’t have to rush up and go to school in the morning, what luck, but still we have some issues on the to-do-list!

Emilie has a major homework task to finish. The Walldorf ten graders have 3 months to prepare the production of a self-elected topic in two parts: a script and a practical/ artistic part.

Emilie who loves music, theatre and dance has chosen to study “Musicals”, the history and development of the genre in general with special focus at the works of Andrew Lloyd Webber. At the same time she’s rehearsing some of the tunes (Angel of Music and more) from “Phantom of the Opera” at her cello. The cello-performing will be her practical/artistical feature along with some nice big charcoal drawings of the main characters of the play.

While she’s busy doing her schoolwork I do my studio work: today it was a pile of fresh art-money. I plan to send most of them to BIAM to distribute. They’ll appear here in a couple of days.

Of course we’ll also take a break now and then. Take time to visit the family. Go to the cinema. Drink a cup of hot chocolate. However, it’s not possible to hide the fact that this is not entirely pleasure, and we’re neither going to Narnia nor Norway – nor any other winter paradise for skiing… We are bound to stay at home and act as working heroes!

P.S. Saturday night a huge fire broke out at Camden market 200 – 300 yards from where Anna Sofie is living. Incidentally I heard it on the midnight radio news – and got quite anxious, I knew she was going out with friends that night to hear music, but of course I didn’t know the details. I tried to call and sms her to be sure she was not in trouble – but I never heard a thing the whole night! I turned to my pc and luckily I could see on BBC and Sky there were no report of causalities. Still I didn’t sleep well that night. Imagine what a release it was to get her sms early Sunday morning!


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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One Response to Winter holyday

  1. miri says:

    Tak for din hilsen!
    Puh, det var da en rædsom nat! Godt hun er ok.

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