Memory for Rabbits – another work of mine I plan to bring to Seongnam Book Art Fair. The piece was originally made for the 4th Artists´ Book Triennal in Vilnius. It´s one of my own favorites so it´s obviously on the list.

It’s based upon the concept of the children’s game where you have to remember where you place specific images in order to “pair “them two and two. Sounds simple – but it’s not always that easy.

In real life it’s even worse to create a sertain structure as sometimes you haven’t even got a clue what you’re looking or longing for or just trying to remember. Life isn’t a well organised setup where the pieces of the puzzle just fall into place. You have to sometimes make up your own rules in order to deal with the circumstances. I’ve tried to illustrate this by making a collection of entirely single images and statements. Put together it becomes a sort of record or life story. The box contains the images – organized in sections. It can be seen as a parallel to the way a written biography is organized in chapters describing different episodes and events – and the way we try to keep our memories in mind.


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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