What do I do?

My camera is in London – with Emilie ad Grandma who are visiting Anna Sofie.

In other words I can tell you – but not show you – what I’m doing this weekend. It would be nice to illustrate though, as it looks quite well: I have in front of me a table full of Artists´ Books, to be packed for Seongnam Book Art Fair. I’m a little late as I have waited for some of my central works to return from Stampington US. The sender is not to blame – it’s the Danish costumers authorities that caused the delay! Three (3!) times I have had to document that the stuff was nothing I imported, on the contrary, it was my own creations returning back home after having been abroad… It has taken almost a month to get the message through, believe me! And I was next to ready to offer to actually pay import tax – to get my stuff back in time to pass on for Korea! And one book is still missing. I beg it turns up within the next couple of weeks then I can still bring it to Korea – in my suitcase!

What else takes my time this weekend? Well, I have almost got squared eyes sitting in frontof my pc writing an article on Artists´ Books at the Danish version of Wikipeda as, till now, there hasn’t been such an article. Preparing for Seongnam really makes me reflect upon the situation of Artists´ Books here in Denmark/ Scandinavia and I’m sad to say it, but Artists´ Books is really not a big issue here. It´s very strange especially seen in the light of the enormous interest the genre has when you look at American, Australian, New Zealand and British arts and crafts blogs and sites. However, I love the concept of Artists books, the vitality, originality, flexibility, and the possibilities for interaction between the artist, the actual work of art and the audience and I have a wish to contribute make Artists´ Books a more well-known phenomenon here in my part of the world. I guess that’s why I spend half the night figuring out how to get access to write not to mention to upload images to (Danish version of) Wikipedia. You may see the results of my efforts here and here. The articles are not yet complete, so I´ll welcome any additions, links and ideas! Please feel free to add your point of view! (Ja, det er jo nok mest relevant hvis du taler/skriver på dansk…)

So finally, let´s have a short comment on today’s images: a sneak peak at my article on my Compass Book in the April/May issue of Somerset Memories. Fortunately I made a few shots the day it hit my mailbox together with Somerset Life and Workshop. So I have at least a little something to show you the next days while my camera is doing London.

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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3 Responses to What do I do?

  1. Seth says:

    Thanks for the shots from the magazine. The Compass Book looks extaordinary!

  2. Cambria says:

    I love your blog so much. Great stuff!!! I’m 12 and I love checking in to see what’s new. I’m an artist too. I have been creating handmade jewelry for 2 years. I just started a site on ETSY and a blog about my work. Thanks for inspiring me. Cambria

  3. puglyfeet says:

    Hi! I’m just dropping a note to let you know that you have an award over at my blog and you can view it here:


    You’re blog is beautiful, awesome, and in the spirit of the award: Excellent!

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