My Somerset Workshop

More than one year chief editor Jenny Doh from Stampington contacted me to know if I´d like to come up with ideas for this Somerset Workshop vol 4. We soon agreed on me doing a workshop teaching how to treat papers and fabric with wax and oil and how to use it for wrapping objects such as old letters, findings from nature etc and how to use wax for entirely embedding stuff.

I know it´s not nice to brag – but I do enjoy the result. Please have a look – and allow me to recommend chapter 3: Mummified Objects & Sealed Letters stepping out each technique in words and 8-12 instructional photoes. If you like my stuff – here ´s the possibility to have a real close look! 


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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4 Responses to My Somerset Workshop

  1. Colette says:

    Oh, brag away, Hanne. You deserve it. I know how much work went into that workshop, and you are such an inspiration to me and many many others, I’m sure. I was never interested in wax before, when it was the popular thing to do. But your article got me instantly interested and now I’ve found a new medium that I love working with.

    Thank you. Merci. Grazie. Tak!

  2. inge bekaert says:

    Hello Hanne,

    it lookes just so good ! I’m already waiting more than a month for my order from Stampington to arrive… these magazines are in it…
    Thanks for showing me a glimp of it ( doesn’t make waiting easier ! I really want to try your workshop !!!)
    Inge ( from Belgium)

  3. IS this you???? THAT WAS MY FAVORITE SECTION IN THE ENTIRE MAGAZINE!!! I can’t wait to try those techniques…really outstanding artwork!

  4. Laurel Hall says:

    Oh, Hanne, the work is marvelous! I was so excited in the bookstore after a quick browse through your workshop that I was smiling to myself which made my husband ask, “What?” Years ago I did some beeswax things but then moved on to whatever next flew into my head, and I never took time to return to beeswax—now I can’t wait to.

    One particular one of the trillions of books I’ve read in my life has stuck in my mind for years. Titled, “A Gift Upon The Shore,” by M K Wren, it’s a post-apocalyptic tale about two women survivors in the Northwest US. One had been a librarian, and in the hope that enough survivors here and there around the country and world might manage to reestablish human civilization, the two women dedicated themselves to wrapping their book collection in aluminum foil, then coating the wrapped books in beeswax in order to protect the information in them for possible future generations. Your workshop certainly brought all that back to me!

    I spent years making fabric-wrapped “relic” type female figures and objects strongly influenced by mummies, designed to evoke the idea of objects long lost and hidden away then suddenly discovered, so your wrapped, tied, and waxed works appeal to me in a HUGE way! (I’ve been wild for your previous works for a long time too!) Thank you SO much for the workshop, and ALL the work you’ve shared with us in Somerset—and here.

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