Links to another world

I´m back home totally drenched – but happy – about my days in Korea. With me I bring a luggage of physically 47 kilo in my suitcases (cost me a heavy overload in the airport!) as well as uncountable moments of extraordinary experiences and people in my heart.

In 10 minutes I’m off for my first Monday morning teaching – though my feet still doesn’t really touch the ground. Wonder how I’ll manage my day today.

Anyway… here’s a work by Sangmi (book artist, organizer, guide, translator, wonderwoman!) I think illustrates very well such momements of transission: coming from somewhere – going somewhere else…

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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2 Responses to Links to another world

  1. Gitte J. says:

    Velkommen hjem – glæder mig til at se mere.
    Denne er en smuk, smuk illustration !!

  2. tara o'brien says:

    Hej Hanne!
    Look at your amazing photos! They are so great. I hope your monday went well – I can’t believe you are teaching today. My brain is all foggy, yours must be too.
    Can you email me please? I cannot find your business card, and I tried one email address, but it bounced back.

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