From PIXI to XL

Today is the opening of FRA PIXI TO XL at Hinnerup Bibliotek og Kulturhus with my Book Art group.

Yesterday morning we met to put up the exhibition. To me this is almost the most exiting moment – when everybody unpacks, unwraps and reveals their work! Of course we have been talking about what each was creating, but still, every time – to actually see it – is fantastic!

The day started rather dramaticly though. My XL book simply FLEW OFF the trailer at Ringgadebroen (bridge in Århus over the railway) during the transportation! Luckily nobody got harmed, no cars had to slam on the emergencybrakes and, luck seem to follow fools, not much happened to my (flying) Artists´Book!

The rest of the day I spend on less dramatic activities such as great deal of ladder climbing, wire adjusting – along with plain discussions, coffeedrinking, eating Chineese take away etc. A nice, cosy but also hard days work. It always amazes me how long time it takes to put up a common exhibition!

But now it´s ready, and it really is worth a visit – so I hope to se some of you guys around!

The exhibition is open from today till 31. August at Hinnerup Kulturhus, Skovvej 18, 8382 Hinnerup


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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3 Responses to From PIXI to XL

  1. suki says:

    This is exciting Hanne. Will we get to see your giant book? Giant flying book, kinda like Harry Potter. Good luck.

  2. suki says:

    Oh I saw part of it in the photos. 😉

  3. Linda Platt says:

    Hello Hanne, I am one of your fellow art money artists. I love your work. I do lots of collage, art clothing, and quiltmaking, also I write stories. I am getting overwhelmed with winter this year. If you ever come to Chicago, I have room for you to stay.

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