The weather here around is somewhat unsettled these days – and so am I. Everything can appear great in the morning – half an hour later the sky is dark and it pours down. And visa versa of course…

I don’t have sufficient time for art work at the moment. It feels like my days are cut into little pieces. It always stirs me up! On the other hand, I realize it´s necessary to give time also to a lot of back stage activities such as organizing papers, art projects, nexts steps of all kinds, almost invisible but necessary little actions that makes your ideas become future realities!

This image illustrates a quiet and joyful moment at my outdoor studio table – the bliss of being absorbed in creativeness. I want more days like this!


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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5 Responses to Unsettled

  1. Bonnie Buckingham says:

    I reread Anne Lindbergh’s Gifts from the Sea and
    found this great German word: Zerrissehiet which
    means torn to pieces-hood. “She shall be scattered
    into a thousand pieces.” That’s what those days
    do feel like. I love the photo though. It makes
    me want to have an afternoon for such things. I have
    recently and my soul is thankful.


  2. Bonnie Buckingham says:


    Zerrisseheit. I mixed up the i and e!


  3. suki says:

    May your days settle down into artmaking again. Lovely photo. The fall, a beautiful time of year, approaches. Here, weather all summer has been dark and light back and forth clouds and very little sun. It does set one on edge a bit. Be well, Suki

  4. suki says:

    PS just bought a book published by Lark Books called “500 Books.” Each page is a photo of a handmade book. Talk about inspiration. Fabulous. But you werent’ in there. I felt you should be. Though must say most of the people in there were from the USA

  5. Miri says:

    Kender godt til følelsen af at vejret og sindet er ens .. 🙂
    Det ser så rart, smukt og dejligt ud- dit kreative bord uden i solen !
    Bare vi dog kunne få nogle lune, smukke sensommer dage.

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