Fabricanti di Libri

Art-book-project on its way for “Fabricanti di Libri”, international art competition – thanks to Gulla and her Italian connections!

At our recent Malmö tour we agreed to do a collaborative book-art-project the round robin way. First step was Gulla finding and shipping this little cardboard suitcase to Lis. Yesterday Lis forwarded it on to me, but in her studio it had undertaken a significant transformation: the suitcase is now also a book! It has got pages!

I burst into laughter when I opened and discovered Lis in meditative trance! Truely an inspirational ground to build upon!

So what do I do now, to follow up on this terrific start? The stage is set, now I have to look build on the content: What to put in our suitcase… ? The question is cardinal whether we´re speaking of an ordinary, physical travel with a real suitcase – or looking at the situation from a mere metaphysical point of view, seeing the suitcase and the journey as metaphors on life and the mental “luggage” we carry along….

What is necessary? What is essential, vital – and what is superfluous, worthless, maybe even a stifling troublesome burden? What do we want to carry on – and what to get rid of on the journey of life?

(P.S. A question: Is Round Robin the right term when we are talking about three artists working on one and the same project that is sent back and forth? Or is the expression used only when more projects/ objects are circulating within the group???)

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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5 Responses to Fabricanti di Libri

  1. Colette says:

    And who will decorate the suitcase… or? I hope we’ll see the progression; I love artists’ books.

    I believe Round Robin is a term for a group whose members each do a piece or more and send it along. I don’t know what the terms is for a back-and-forth between two or more artists. A collaboration, perhaps?

    Cheers, Colette

  2. inge bekaert says:

    Great idea !! I love suitcases and I love books, so this is a great combination !!

    I think you can call what you do a round robin cause it goes “around”…

    Inge from belgium

  3. Maureen says:

    Where did you get the suitcase? I have been looking for just such a thing forever. Would you mind sharing your source?

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