Taking in Barcelona

Hard to believe; 10 days ago we sat here at Maxims´ at the Rambla writing postcards and watching people pass by. The weather was like a Danish summer – when best!

Everything appeared so… different…


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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2 Responses to Taking in Barcelona

  1. Miri says:

    Aahhh. Ren nydelse 🙂 Det er en af de ting, der er så skønt ved at rejse ud- man lever, smager, ser ,dufter og oplever alting anderledes.

  2. inge bekaert says:

    Lucky girl to have family in Barcelona !!! Now you can travel over there now and then…

    I’ve been there two years ago and I really love / loved Barcelona ! I ‘ve seen a lot of Gaudi and I hope to go back some day to to visit the rest.
    We have also made a trip trought the city with a bike and that was very , very nice, to see a lot of places in one afternoon.

    We also walked a lot through the city , street in street out, so i really have the feeling I “know” my way now in Barcelona.

    Enjoy your trips over there !!

    Inge from Belgium

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