A full speed process

Sunday evening – I’m totally exhausted – but fullfilled – after a truly inspired, speeded and innovative weekend within the field of Artrovert.

Gulla arrived in high spirits (only 2 days newly hatched twin grandma!) while Lis and I set out in more low key positions for various reasons. However, starting off with a cup of coffee and a refreshing walk-and-talk-and-catch-up-session in bright, cool November air at sunset we managed to lift us selves to a hiigher, more sparkling level of energy from where a flod of ideas for new co-worked-out-suitcase-books sprinkled.

Afterwards we went straight home and in a blizzard of creativity made a beautiful, black suitcase book for the 5.th International Artists´ Books Triennale Vilnius. Taking advantage of the immediate inspiration of the present now we decided to litterally Pack UP all troubles and, well, yes, send it all off in a suitcase to Vilnius!

Working almost day, night and day we just managed to create all the pages and the cover (the suitcase) – but we couldn’t find the time for stitching everything together. Back in Copenhagen Gulla will finish the stitching within the next days. It means that neither Lis or I will see the final result(!) until the exhibition takes place in April…

Fortunately Gulla has promised to shot – and mail – A LOT of photos before shipping our work. I hope to bring it here within a couple of days. See you!

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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4 Responses to A full speed process

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  2. suki says:

    Thanks for sharing some of the process of making this book. How lovely that the three of you can work together like this. I see you use the computer for some of the image manipulation and so forth. It is all interesting and hope you have a good showing at the book fair.

  3. Dejligt at være sammen med kreative mennesker og skabe noget sammen.
    Skønt at slippe for alle problemer 🙂

  4. Lykke til.
    Jeg er bitt av kreativitetsbasillen denne helga. Det er deilig 🙂

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