Take off

25 cardboard suitcases lined up – and sent off to 25 artists in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. Within half a year’s time they will return to the starting point – to be included in Con-Text, an artists´books exhibition at Kulturspinderiet, the old Paper Factory in Silkeborg.         

At that time a total change / transformation / metamorphosis will have taken place – these perfectly ordinary cardboard suitcases will be artists’ books. 

 In order to follow and document the process unfold, this blog was launched yesterday. The intend is to establish an informal forum/ shared logbook where to record and reflect on how the process progresses, hopefully for mutual inspiration and pleasure for all participating artists – as well as others who might want to follow the journey…

Welcome on board!

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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3 Responses to Take off

  1. Vad spännnade detta ser ut !!

  2. Rebecca Chicot says:

    I love your photos. I am sorry to be so prosaic but please can I ask where you bought those beautiful cardboard suitcases. I need to find a wholesaler for a project I have but am finding it very difficult to find people who make them.

    Best wishes


  3. hanne says:

    Suitcases here:www.pandurohobby.dk

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