Greeting from Vilnius

We have wonderfull days in Vilnius attending the opening of TEXT. 5th International Artist Books Triennial.

It is so great to be here, I hardly know where to begin and where to end my telling – and which images to choose for illustration. I´ve got well above hundred of photos – of the city, the art works, the opening of the exhibition, the artists we´ve met, the churches we´ve been to, our walks, detours and outings, cafes and restaurants where we´ve been eating and drinking coffee, etc. etc….

The city is boiling and bursting with life and energy these days. Besides the local population and the usual tourists, lots of extra visitors are present because of the 1st of May (which is a public holiday here!), a street music festival, and a 3-days international pilgrimage festival/-event going on in any of the city’s churches (and there are really a lot!) Furthermore the whole atmosphere of experiencing something extraordinary is underlined by the fact that every day since our arrival, the weather has been like summer when best. People walk the streets in just shirt sleeves – it feels like being in Italy. You just rest in the parc, at the ground next to the river – or hang out in the streeet cafées – whenever you need a break.

Basically, to be here means new impressions and impulses. You can´t help lots og instant inspiration pops up in your mind while walking and talking. It feels like an invitation to be alert and present. To open the senses, enjoy the moment of now – according to your own inner rhythm – and in the company of good friends and colleagues from near and far of course…


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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