Poppy-seeds and more

A little in-between-practical-art-work for this project.

I stitch together a paper recipe and a piece of parchment and pour a little “something” in between the layers – before closing completely.
Intentionally I wanted to put sand – my homage to nature – inspired by a recent seaside family trip – you know the kind were you swim, play, fight, have dinner, walk and talk for hours at the beach. I kept receiving “greetings” days after in the form of sand inadvertently brought home – embedded in swimming clothes, towels, shoes, hair, you name it! To experience it subsequently scattered out everywhere – all the way into the bed – was both very annoying – and a little fun … and it gave me this idea!

But! Yesterday when I started working it was all day raining. So instead of going to the seaside for sand, I started experiment putting other kinds of stuff into the “bags”. Eg. flower seeds. ..

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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1 Response to Poppy-seeds and more

  1. renaye says:

    nice. i never have this kind of luxury to do this kind of things. never have this kind of creativity come floating in my mind.

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