On Prescription

No breaking news propably – we live in a society concerned with physical phenomenon and material manifestations: Money, materialism and matter always seem to outmanoeuvre consciousness and spirituality for instance! And the division between body and soul still seem to be a mere fact to the majority of people around here (at least when we talk Western Europe…)

And when it comes to health questions there’s no real difference. We know a lot about how the physical body works – which is very good – until a certain point as the body is in fact the temple of the soul. And therefore it is only admirable that we take good care; that we trim, exercise, nurture, goes on a diet, wash the intestines, and fight the urge to smoke, to eat sugar, drink alcohol, take drugs and go to any other kind of excesses. We want to become – or stay – “fit” – but fit for what?

Controlling the body, the temple, is only one part of the game. What about the content of the temple – the soul itself? How can we give more attention to soul matters and establish a better balance between the inner and outer realities?

Together with a dozen local artists I approach this question during the upcoming Århus Festival Week. We´ll do so by literally handing out prescriptions for souls and minds – in the form of small pieces of unique art. Provocative, beautiful, intriguing or just plain odd images – meant for internal as well as external use.

The event will take place from Højbjerg Bibliotek starting Friday afternoon 16-18 and as long as there’re still prescriptions available. Feel free to drop by and pick yourself whatever you need “on prescription”

Se more here.

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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