August – and it has only just begone!

Seems I’m working out more and more Dogme-like concepts for my art.

Recent work: “Meeting point”/ shelter/ “åndehul”, time-out-tent for SPOR, next weeks exhibition at Limfjordscentret, Doverodde.

Dogme says:

  1. It must made out af free or cheap materials.
  2. It must be based to a certain degree on recycled stuff. Dont buy! See what you’ve got on the shelves, what you find, trade, exchange, is given. (And again – I know it’s not possible to completely avoid buying. But keep it simple!
  3. The result must be easy to carry/ leightweight. (Keeps shipping costs at a minimum.
  4. Your piece must be flexible/ adjustable (in order to fit various kinds of exhibition spaces and environments.
  5. Of course it must be somehow inviting – and radite a kind of athmosphere so visitors will feel compelled to come closer – preferably even interact somehow – with you/ your work.
  6. It must be full of aetheric energy – so visitors will (hopefully) go on inspired and uplifted.
  7. It must adress or question existential matters – in order to have any meaning and right to exist …

Is that too much (or too little) to ask?

Photo: Happily stitching my “shelter” of handkerchieves, sheets and laces accompagnied by my favorite youngest daughter reading aloud from Pacal Mercier’s Night Train to Lisbon.

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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4 Responses to August – and it has only just begone!

  1. Suki says:

    Looks, well….heavenly. #7 might be a stretch for me but love the Dogme credo. Ah, August.

  2. Dear Hanna,

    I wrote in a book about “Wabi Sabi”, this is a japanese Art-Zen-Philosophie: Keep thing simple, but dont remove the poetry. Yes, thats what you do: your work is full of poetry.

  3. ingridp says:

    dear Hanne
    Your garden is a living garden and I am so happy I have been there.
    It looks very meditationg right now….. Wish I was there…..
    Looking forward to see the result

  4. robynfuoco says:

    I love your Dogme. It is just enough to ask, good guidelines to follow. & I love your garden. You look so content and productive!

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