In Touch

Somewhere around midnight Sunday I finished my contribution for IN TOUCH. I’ve had so many ideas boiling but (big surprize) ended up choosing the first one … of course. The rest however are not totally invain – just stored in my mind for later occations!

Anyway, at midnight it was too dark to take a decent photo of my work – and yesterday morning while rushing to catch the local train to ship off my piece I totally forgot to do it … so you have to wait to se the result of my efforts: “Cycluses” – a reflections on one of my ultimately beloved themes: dead/resurrection. (Or go here to see Lis and Joe setting up in Brande … )

NB. I can assure you this sleightly weird chinese anathomical poster of male meridians is only a minor part of the full set up. When once hanging on the wall – only the feet will be visible. Enough to let you “know” a person is behind. Well, think everything will be more obvious when once I have a photo to show you.


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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2 Responses to In Touch

  1. omdahl says:

    Kjempe! Det ble dritbra!!
    Så også på opphengsbildene, og jeg synes ditt bidrag var gjennomtenkt og spennende.Kjenner igjen at det må kjøres igjennom en haug av ideer, for så å koke ned til essensen av det første man hadde ide om.
    Ideen om cyklusen av alt levende berører mitt hjerte i alle fall.Nok materiale til et helt liv der!

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